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Occasionally I have the overwhelming need to knit a pair of socks. It just happens, I'll happily knit a bucket-load of shawls and sweaters and then boom, I MUST KNIT SOCKS. On top of this need to knit socks, I have a weakness for the wealth of gorgeous gradient yarns cropping up from indie dyers, tempting me at every turn. So when Susan B Anderson posted about Jaala Spiro's Knitcircus Matching Sock Gradient yarns, I was helpless.

Il_570xN.588076112_b78xphoto copyright Knitcircus used with permission

Jaala winds her Knitcircus Matching Sock Gradients into tidy little identical yarn cakes that are absolutely perfect for socks. Wait just a minute, a gradient yarn for socks? Wound so that they match? I had no choice but to load up my shopping cart and click that delightful "check out" button.

Reynard 1

You might remember Reynard from several months back. They were the first pair I made with Knitcirucs yarn. But one pair wasn't enough. No siree. Moments after Kitchenering Reynard I cast on for a new pair. This time I wanted to experiment with other ways to use gradients. A little stranded colorwork perhaps? Maybe some stripes? Before I knew it I had knit another pair of socks in Knitcircus yarn, and had another new design.

Puschkinia 1
Puschkinia starts at the top with a pretty, little colorwork flower motif. After that it's pretty much smooth sailing with a two-color, stockinette stripe broken up by the occasional row of stranding just to keep you on your toes. To make these socks you begin with the dark end of one ball, and the light end of the other. The colors contrast at the cuff for crisp colorwork, and then begin to fade and merge as you get to the toes. In the Pigeon colorway that I used for the sample they remind me of a favorite pair of well worn jeans.


When I showed the new design to Jaala, she was very excited, and suggested we work together to give knitters a way to purchase the pattern and yarn as kits. We decided that the best way to do this was to offer free shipping on Knitcircus yarns with the purchase of the Puschkinia pattern. When you buy the pattern you will be given a coupon code to use at checkout in the Knitcircus store.

I have one more set of Knitcircus Matching Socks Gradients, the colorway is Cranberry Relish. I'm going to send this yarn to one lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment on this post by midnight on June 10th (which also happens to be my 25th wedding anniversary), and I'll select a winner using a random number generator. Extra points (okay, an extra entry) if you say something funny, leave a knitting tip, write a haiku, or help spread the word by linking to this post.


Head over to the Puschkinia Ravelry page for all the details about the pattern. Or you can just impulse by the pattern by clicking the button below. When you do you'll get the coupon code for free shiping on Knitcirucs Yarn.

 Price: $6.00

Thanks for reading. I leave you with a photo of Sofie at our photoshoot, throwing a few yoga poses into the action.

Puschkinia Yoga


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I too feel the lure of the gradient yarns but have yet to try one out on socks. Love love love!

I love hand-knit socks.
I have never knit a pair.
This yarn would be fun!

It's not quite as cool as yours, but June 10th is my 3 year dating anniversary! And also gradients are amazing. I feel like so many gradients are only available in a single, so it's nice to see a plied version.

Pretty pretty yarn and socks.


Tip: When knitting continental it's often the case that your purl/wrong side is looser than your knit/right side. To compensate and get an even tension on the back and front, I use a smaller sized needle for purl/wrong side rows.

Oh love this pattern
I want to cast on right now
Maybe I will win

Yarn puns are the best
Fun colors stringing along
Sew easy to laugh

Happy Anniversary! Love the idea of matching gradient socks. I only think of it for shawls.

Congrats on your 25th anniversary in advance. I have been thinking to learn to knit socks....it looks tricky though.

Love this! My knitting tip is for toe-up socks. When increasing for the toes, sometimes I have to stop and put my knitting down, and when I come back to it I often forget if I am on an increase row, or a plain-knit row. I like to stop at the end of a row, but my tip is to stop in the MIDDLE of the row - half-way through. When you come back to your knitting, count your stitches if you can't remember what row you are on. If there are the same number of stitches on the top and bottom, you are on a plain-knit row. If the part you've already knit has more stitches, you're on an increase row. This might be obvious to some people, but it took me several socks before I figured it out for myself! This tip would work for top-down socks, too, when decreasing at the toes. :-)

Such pretty yarn - I've never used a gradient yarn and would love to try!

How about a limerick?

There was once was some yarn from KnitCircus
That Kirsten offered for no purchase.
A sock pattern was offered as well,
And golly, it sure looked so swell,
That I promptly wrote out these verses!

Haha, as if you'd need a knitting tip! :) The new socks remind me a bit of Sockstravaganza socks, don't know why. And I can't believe Sofie's already 20 years old!

These might be the socks that save my knitting mojo!

Gradient yarn for socks, such a great idea.

Alas, favorite
Dyer and a designer
Such beautiful socks.

Such a great idea! Love the yarn, love the pattern.

Knitting like the wind,
I would soon have a pair of
Delightful red socks.


I am charmed. Absolutely charmed.

Too little time! I am working on clue #1 for the mystery shawl when what should appear but socks: in blue, favorite designer, favorite hometown dyer. All too much. But, the cranberry relish is so lush. I love it all.

love the yarns and love the socks!

so what's not to love
about hand-knitted footwear?
why, nothing at all!

Oh my those are gorgeous socks! Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous yarn.

I have stars in my eyes. Gradients and stripes? Gorgeous.

The pattern is lovely and shows the beauty of the gradience yarn perfect. My knitting tip for socks is - knitting both with magic loop at once. Otherwise the the second will be lost in my WIP's.

I had to jump in and purchase your pattern - it is gorgeous! The yarn looks great too - I chose Tiny Princess but would love a chance of acquiring Cranberry Reliah. My knitting tip is to knit socks on 12" Addi circs - no worrying about joins/ladders - I have made my own stitch markers from my Mom's earrings - she taught me to knit socks and I feel she is always with me when I use my special stitch markers.

Gradient yarn! Oh
the possibilities for
stranded knitting fun!

Oh, my! That is a brilliant thing to do with gradient yarn. I love those socks enough to contemplate knitting socks again, after a 5 year hiatus. Gorgeous!

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