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From Mama, With Love

Later this week my oldest child, my sweet lad, will graduate from college and I find myself feeling nostalgic for the early days when he was just a wee one. I think of those early mornings when he and I, both early risers, would get up and snuggle as we eased our way into the day. I remember the milestones: first smile, first giggle, first words, first steps. Later, there were the tears (mine, not his) when I dropped him off on that first day of kindergarten. I think of moments, the day that we brought his twin sisters home from the hospital, my gentle boy sitting and holding them completely unaware of how his center-of-the-universe life had been completely turned upside down (he is still the kindest brother anyone could hope for), or his excitement at seeing the Temple of Dendur when we took him to the Metropolitan Museum of Art during his Ancient Egypt phase. As he got older life got so busy. The years flew by with soccer games, sleepovers, summer days spent cannonballing into the pool, winter afternoons sledding on our hill, trumpet then guitar lessons, concerts, gigs, proms. Before we knew it he was off to college. Just as with all the years before, the past four years have gone by in a heartbeat. Now, here we are at the beginning of another new chapter in his life and my heart is filled with all of the years that have passed, and with pride in the young man he has become.

With all of this remembering of those lovely, quiet days when my kids were little, it seemed appropriate when Tanis Gray selected this week for the one when I would participate in the blog tour for From Mama, With Love, an ebook collection that she has created along with an exceptionally talented group of young moms -- Kate Gagnon Osborn, Connie Chang Chinchio, Melissa LaBarre, and Margaux Hufnagel.


                                                                       Bluebell Pullover Photo copyright Kate Gagnon Osborn

This sweet collection is filled with the sort of wearable patterns that I would have made for my own children when they were young. There are hats, vests, sweaters, blankets, even a “boppy” cover -- a total of 15 designs in all, three from each of the 5 designers.

Mh6_medium2                                                                         Seed Stitch Boppy Photo Copyright Margaux Hufnagel

The designs are classic and will stand the test of time. This is a collection you will turn to again, and again, whether for your own children or gifts for others. I can see the Bluebell Pullover  being handed down from brother to sister to brother, or the Sid Scrappy Hat made for each child in the family. Personally, I’d like a Isadora Lopapeysa in my own size.

Isadora Lopapeysa photo copyright Kate Gagnon Osborn

The patterns will be part of the ebook until October 1st of this year. After that they will only be available individually.


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Oh my gosh that scrappy hat and the Isadora are absolutely adorable. What a great collection. Off to put some of these in my queue....

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