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Join My Mailing List!!


I'm madly preparing for TNNA, but I took a break from packing (okay, maybe there was a bit of procrastinating involved) and created a mailing list. This is something I've meant to do for a while. I often get comments from people that they've missed a post about mystery knitalong or a new pattern. I think that this is most often due to the fleeting nature of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc -- if you don't log in at just the right time, you miss it. My email list will solve that. I will use it to send email updates with new patterns, events, announcements, and mailing list only coupons. I promise not to fill your in-box with daily emails, just once a month updates (maybe twice a month if something really big is happening).

To join my mailing list simply click here and fill in the required information.


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Great idea! That is a worthwhile break. :)

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