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The Gigantic Garter Blob

Nothing to see here . . .

Garter Blob 3

. . . just a gigantic garter stitch blankie.

Garter Blob 2

I worked this blanket from the center out, switching colors every 16 rounds. Most of the yarn was straight out of the stash. For more information see the project page on Ravelry.

Garter Blob 1


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Gorgeous! I love draping myself is squishy garter stitch!

Love the colors! Looks like a fun knit!

Beautiful colours! And garter stitch is so snuggly <3

Wow... Amazing! Love the colours.

SOOO beautiful! I love this SO much. I have a striped garter stitch blanket that I already love, but this version is so amazing I might need to knit another one!

This reminds me of those eye of God projects from camp or scouts. It is smashing!

Just beautiful!

Mindless, stash busting, yet beautiful project. Those are always great to knit! It's like taking a break from a shawl, a sweater, or something that requires construction and "brain".

I am brand new to knitting; just completed 3 projects and on the next one but I would love to do a garter stitch blanket like this.
Being new I have been trying to figure out how you begin in the centre like this but also how you knit those 90 degree turns. Do you know of either a pattern or other source that I could go to so I can learn how to do one of these as well? Thank you.

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