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Knitting News & a Recipe for Mitts

I've been enjoying a bit of mindless knitting with a pair of stockinette fingerless mitts. Below you will find a recipe where I give you the details on how I made my mitts, but before I do I want to tell you about a few things going on elsewhere in the knitting/crafting universe that I think are worthwhile. Be sure to read through the post. There might just be a coupon code somewhere in there!


First up, my friends at The Seamen's Church Institute are  asking knitters to make tiny mariner's caps and "hide them in plain sight" to get the word out about the contributions of mariners. Head over to The Seaman's Church Institute's website to learn more, including instructions on how to get the pattern. Also check out the other work they do knitting for mariners with their Christmas at Sea project.

If you're like me, and have an aversion to the Black Friday frenzy, join my buddy Beverly at PoMo Golightly and have a Craft Friday instead (follow that link to read more and to tell Beverly you're in)! I personally would much rather give thoughtful handmade and avoid mass produced gifts whenever possible. I've already started my holiday knitting, but look forward to digging through my stash and planning projects to work on that day. Right now I'm leaning toward making gifts with handspun on Craft Friday. That way even my yarn is handmade! To help you with your own planning I'm offering 20% off of all of my independently published patterns between now and midnight on Saturday, November 30th. Just use coupon code CRAFTFRIDAY at check out. Then you can follow up Craft Friday with Small Business Saturday, and support an independent business person, like your local yarn shop, indie desigers, and indie yarn companies with your holiday craft themed shopping!


Now, for the curious who'd like more details on the mitts, I'm using Manos Alegria in Butia that I purchased at Trillium Yarns. Here are the basics on how I did it (let's call it a recipe, rather than a pattern):

Kirsten's Fingerless Mitts Recipe

Cast on 56 sts on a US 3 (or size to get gauge see my 'note about gauge' below). Work in (k1tbl, p1) rib for half an inch or so, then knit in the round for about 7".

Next up add a gusset: round 1: knit to one st from end, pm, m1, pm, k1. all even rounds: knit. odd rounds 3-17:  knit to marker, slm, m1, knit to next marker, m1, slm. you'll  end up with 17 sts between the markers.

Knit one more round, then on the next round place all of the 17 gusset sts on scrap yarn and continue working the remaining 56 sts in stockinette st in the round for another 1". Finish the top edge with another 1/2" of (k1tbl, p1) ribbing. Bind off. Finally place the thumb sts back on your needles, pick up and knit 3 sts in the gap, and knit 4 rounds. Then finish the thumb with 1/2" of (k1tbl, p1) rib and bind off.

A note about gauge - my gauge is 28 sts = 4". This will give you a finished mitt that is 8" in circumference - these mitts are a bit slouchy on me. If your gauge is 25 sts = 4" your mitts will measure 9". If it's 32 sts = 4" your mitts will measure 7". Adjust your needles accordingly.


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Now I know what to do with my lone skein of worsted!

Thanks so much for supporting Craft Friday this way! You're fantastic!!

Many thanks for the lovely, every so useful pattern/recipe! Your work inspires me!

Aw, yay! Enjoy!

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Kirsten, this is gorgeous and looks great next to the bass!

Is there a reason I can not print this recipe. The area is blank where the fingerless mitt recipe should be. I found your recipe on Ravelry. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the heads-up about Craft Friday, and for the coupon code! I used it to buy the Brownstone Wraps patterns! - LOVE. I hate Black Friday and am so angry at how it is not encroaching on Thanksgiving as well (most of the stores at our local mall will be opening Thanksgiving night - UGH). I will happily spend my Friday working on Christmas gifts!

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