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The Shepherd & The Shearer

It has been almost a year since Susan Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farm first contacted me about designing for an exciting new project that she was working on. She told me about how the idea had been born during a late night conversation between she and good friend Emily. They share a fondness for classic sweaters knit in hard-wearing yarns - the sort that you love and wear for years and years. As they sat and chatted that night they both agreed that the knitting world did not have enough sturdy yarns to make sweaters that hold up to years of wear, and that it was time for Susan, the Shepherd and Emily, the Shearer to do something about it. And so The Shepherd and The Shearer was born. Susan explained that she wanted the very talented Kate Davies and me to each create a design for this fabulous new yarn. Naturally we both quickly agreed.

2013-03-08 13.12.19
Emily set to work shearing the sheep in March and worked through May. Shearing fleeces from from over 30 different breeds of sheep.

2013-04-13 06.22.08
Next the fleeces were sent to MacAusland’s mill on Price Edward Island, Canada to be spun. MacAusland's has been in business since the 1800's and still uses the original equipment.

2013-07-08 12.48.08
Meanwhile, Katie and I were sent yarn to work with. In order to have enough time to create the designs, we couldn't wait for samples from the mill. Instead we were sent yarn that was a good match to Susan's & Emily's vision for their yarn - New Lanark Aran. We both set to work on our sweaters. We agreed that Kate would design a cardigan - The Shepherd, and I would create a pullover - The Shearer.

I wanted my design to have the elements of a timeless classic, so I designed it with rich cables, and a modified drop shoulder. Side slits help it to fall easily over the hips. The slightly over-sized fit makes it the sort of sweater you want to pull on on a chilly fall weekend.

All of the photos above are property of Juniper Moon Farms. Used with permission.

I took a few quick photos of Sofie modeling The Shearer on a hot July day before I sent it off to Susan. Given the heat of NYC in July, I ask you to forgive her for modeling an Aran weight sweater with a pair of cutoffs.

The Shearer

The Shearer

The Shearer

The Shearer
To read more about The Shepherd and The Shearer, or to purchase the patterns, ebook, or kits, visit the Juniper Moon Farm website. To read Kate's post about The Shepherd visit her blog.


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Your design is everything you aimed for, and then some, and I cannot wait to knit it!

Also, I'm kind of digging the super-warm sweater and jean shorts look... ;)

That's a really excellent cabled sweater. Well done!! Both you and Kate Davies have totally captured the essence of that project in my opinion!

Dying to knit this. I can't wait for the yarn to arrive. Thank you for a wonderful design.

Gorgeous designs! I love Juniper Moon Farm yarn and am clicking over now to see the patterns and kits... :)

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