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Tour de Fleece Progress Report

Kiran and I drove up to Nova Scotia for a little getaway last week. Since Tour de Fleece started while we were away I had to take my spinning on the road. Spinning while admiring a beautiful view of the Northumberland Strait was pretty sweet.

I also spun for a good bit of the 13 hour drive home. Here's my drop spindle as we drove down the West Side Highway. Almost home. I find this photo a bit discouraging. I love to spin on my drop spindles, but this represents 13+ hours of work. Spinning in a car has it's limitations, I had to stop and wrap the singles much more frequently than I would have given more space. So spindling with a bit of elbow room would probably yield more in the same amount of time. However, once I got home I transferred the singles to my wheel and finished spinning the 5.25 oz within a day.

I ended up with 671 yards of 16 WPI 2 ply. I'll probably use this for a shawl. The fiber is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the colorway is Rare Gems. (I couldn't find the base or the colorway on their website. I've had this fiber for years, so I'm guessing it's discontinued.)

Yesterday I dug a braid of Pigeonroof Studios Superwash BFL out of the stash. This spun up very quickly on my wheel. I managed to spin and ply 279 yards in a day.

This is 4.3 oz of Denim and 11 WPI.

So that's all of my progress for Tour de Fleece so far. I'm not sure how much spinning I'll get done over the next few days. For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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Rare gems is not a particular colorway but rather what they call experiments, one of a kinds, mistakes. Always lovely of course. I've got a few skeins of their rare gems yarn. Anyway lovely spinning.

Pretty yarns! I ditto what Maryse says about the Rare Gems. I don't think I've ever bought any. You've got a great start to TdF.

I have several drop spindles and have never managed to spin successfully. I do like the look of your wheel - can you tell me which one it is please.

Wow! Beautiful yarn!

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