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Spinning Benders

I love to spin. No that's not emphatic enough. I LOVE to spin!!!!

Occasionally I go on spinning benders, where I just. can't. stop. I don't have the time to do this very often, but occasionally the stars align and I'll spin braid after braid of fiber. Having finished up some deadline knitting, this past week has been one of those times.


The fiber on the top is Tempted Handpainted SW BFL Roving in "Storm Front". The bottom left is A Verb For Keeping Warm Essential Luxury Fiber Club March 2013 installment, a scrumptious baby camel/silk, and the bottom right is unidentified (the label is long gone) but I can tell from the feel and the way it spins that it's merino. The braid on that one was a little felted so it was a bit of a pain to spin.

Tour de Fleece Fiber
Since I've been on such a spinning binge, I've decided to join Tour de Fleece this year. I've wanted to do this for ages, but this is the first summer where I actually have the time. I've joined Team Rookies, as this is my first year in the TdF. I've also joined Team Spin From Stash, because my fiber stash rivals my yarn stash. And yes, I do understand that this means I'm simply turning fiber stash into yarn stash. And because I am weak and spent a little too much time in the Tour de Fleece forums this morning, I ordered a sweater's worth of fiber. So yeah. Um, what was that I said about spinning from my stash? Ahem. I will also spin from my stash. Honest. The sweater's worth is the equivalent of only 4 braids. I can do that in a week. Right?

The pretty fiber in the photo above is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Handpainted Roving in Rare Gems. It has been in my stash for eons. TdF starts on Saturday and I'm going to be on the road quite a bit this weekend, so I decided to start by spinning this fiber on one of my Spindlewood spindles. (Spindlewood makes beautiful spindles and they spin divinely. You can read more about them in this post I wrote way back in 2007.)

Who else is joining Tour de Fleece this year? I'd love to hear what you're spinning and what team(s) you've joined.


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I knit but don't spin, but I'm looking forward to reading about your progress!

I'm playing for the first time this year. I joined Team Spin Your Stash and Lantern Rouge.

I'm going to be travelling for the first part of the tour and won't be able to spin every day.

I'm planning on spinning some Wensleydale, some 100% tussah silk and some superfine South African merino hand-dyed by yours truly.

I'm doing it, going to be spinning for Team Aotearoa (NZ) and Team Heavenly Wools (a local fibre dyer). I'm going to be spinning fibre that's either locally grown or locally dyed and in some cases it'll be both.

I've always been traveling during TdF but this year I'll be home the whole time so I'm going to see how much I can get through. Going to go through my fiber tomorrow and see what speaks to me. Considering spinning my merino fleece and then a couple of smaller braids. Yay for spinning!

Woot! The Tour is crazy and addictive and wonderful - I'm in again this year. Trying not to over-commit too much, but I've got 4 braids with a possible fifth I'm going to try to get thru. The only official group I'm in is for the Wooly Wonka Fibers shop - but I like to troll thru the entire TDF forum when I have the chance to look at the gorgeous handspun.

PS - that Storm Front = totally my kinda colors!

I've always wanted to do the TdF - but for some reason July always seems to be the busiest month. Perhaps I should just jump in this year and join a beginner group. My appetite is ripe for spinning - I've been taking Spinning Dyed Fibers with Felicia Lo (Sweet Georgia Yarns) over on Craftsy and have just had a whole new world of spinning opened to me!

What fiber did you order for your sweater?

I just got my wheel last week, so I joined! I'm part of Team Kiwi Spinners.

I just don't have the bug for spinning--or maybe the gene, since I cant sit still long enough to imagine spinning--but I love handspun and watching what you create. Cheering from the bleachers!

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