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Knit to Flatter

Have you seen the wonderful new book, Knit to Flatter, from my good friend Amy Herzog?

Not only does Knit to Flatter have a wealth of wonderful sweater designs, it's also chock full of useful information on finding the perfect style for your body type and making adjustments so that your project fits you beautifully. This book is a wonderful addition to any knitter's library.

While most of the patterns in the book are sweaters, Amy asked me to create a skirt design for the chapter on top heavy shapes. This body type rocks the knit skirt. (I am more than a little jealous, I might add.) While my own body type does not fit into this category, Sofie's and IJK's do. Their broad shoulders and narrow hips qualify them as top heavy, even though they do not have large chests. And as their mom, I think I've come to understand this body type pretty well.

Oceanic Skirt

Sofie is modeling the Oceanic Skirt in these photos and I think it looks great on her. Since this skirt is the book sample it's a touch big on her. If I were to make it specifically for her (and I hope to find the time soon), I would choose one size smaller, and probably shorten it a touch. At 19, Sofie prefers her skirts to be above the knee.

Oceanic Skirt

In designing the Oceanic Skirt I wanted to create something to balance the lower body. I gave the skirt a simple A line, and added ribbing that narrows toward the top. These features combine to give the illusion of a smaller waist and balance the lower body. A lace border with a pattern of gentle waves is knit onto the live stitches at the end, drawing attention to one of the top heavy body type's best features, her legs.

Oceanic Skirt

Head over to Ravelry to see all of the patterns in the book. When you get there, show Amy some love and add them to your queue, favorite them, or leave a comment. To buy the book, you can go to Amazon or your LYS. Amy also has a busy schedule of book signings and classes, maybe you'll be lucky enough that she'll come to a store near you. If not, you can always take Amy's well loved Craftsy class.

Oceanic Skirt


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Beautiful skirt!

I've never cared for knitted skirts but this one is stunning! And I think I qualify as a top-heavy body type (wide square shoulders and quite busty, but fairly trim waist and hips) so maybe I'll have to try making this for myself :)

Your designs always strike a chord with me. What a pretty skirt! I especially like how it's shown in the second photo.

I'm working through the Knit to Flatter Craftsy class, and I'm loving it! Your skirt is beautiful! I'm bottom-heavy though, so I'll probably just admire it from afar!

I love this skirt.

Crap, I love this skirt. Stop making me want to knit things.

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