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Anne Hanson's Bare Naked Knitspot

Happy 2013 to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We started our Mystery Sock KAL yesterday and quite a few participants have already completed their cuffs. It's not too late to join. You can find the pattern here and chat about the mystery in the TTL group on Ravelry.

I'm not sure when I first discovered Anne Hanson's beautiful designs. It might have been 5 or 6 years ago when Wing of the Moth shawls started popping up on all of the blogs that I followed. What I do know with certainty is that I instantly became a fan of Anne's work. She has a skilled eye for combining texture and patterns, whether working with cables or lace on socks, hats, sweaters, or one of her magnificent shawls. It has been a pleasure to watch her become one of the best loved independent designers around.


I've been lucky enough to meet Anne in person a few times. Her integrity and dedication to producing high quality patterns have made my respect for Anne grow beyond my initial admiration of her designs. Anne is a true professional and her Bare Naked Knitspot club epitomizes everything that makes Anne's work so perfect.

For the Bare Naked Knitspot (aka BNK) club Anne designs with unique yarns, created with special fibers - in some cases having them spun specifically for the club - and presents them in their natural colors. BNK gives knitters the full range of these natural shades from elegant ivory, through gorgeous taupe, and sophisticated grey. Last year's club even included a "color grown" shade of cotton in green! These naturally colored yarns are well suited to Anne's lovely combinations of pattern and texture. The 6 installments of BNK go beyond simply giving the subscriber patterns and yarn. Each "chapter" contains 30-40 pages with variations on each pattern along with details on the yarn and how it was spun.

If you'd like to learn more about Bare Naked Knitspot you can read Erica's post on Knitspot or head over to Flickr or Ravelry to admire the beautiful designs from 2012.

All photos copyright Knitspot. Used with permission.


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Happy New Year!

oh kirsten, thank you so much for the lovely review and shoutout of our BNK club; i admire you too!

just gorgeous!

What's the lovely striped shawl pattern in the lower picture please? I love Anne's designs as well, and here's another thing I want to make...

oops, found it through the Ravelry link. Even more lovely photos of it!

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