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A Cardi for a Sweet Girl

Long overdue, I made a cardigan for my sweet niece. I regret that I didn't make it bigger. It fits her perfectly now, I fear she will outgrow it next week very quickly. So it is when knitting for toddlers.

The busy, little peanut was a cooperative model. She's quite used to having a camera pointed in her direction.





The yarn is Spud & Chloe Sweater in grass & turtle. The adorable turtle buttons are from M&J Trimming. (Sorry I can't find them on their website, I picked them up in the store.) The pattern is almost ready to go out to test knitters. It should be ready  for publication in about 6 weeks.

On a related topic, I couldn't resist making a jumbo stocking for my niece. Her parents report that they had a good time filling it.

There are only cryptic notes on this one. I cast on and knit a top down sock in bulky yarn, on jumbo needles. Stripes and stitch patterns were added, making it up as I went along. The name is stitched on at the end with a chunky yarn that I had on hand. I'm not crazy about the added bulk it gives the top of the stocking. Next time I'll use a thinner yarn for the duplicate stitch. I just couldn't resist the way that acid green jazzed up the neutral colors. Added bonus, this project was completely knit from the stash.


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So cute! If you need a test knitter, I'd love to help you out.

the sweater would look great in an adult size too...just sayin :o)

Love the sweater! It's so cute. :)

Love the sweater, looking forward for the pattern to be released! What sizes will it come in?

I would not have such a pretty socking if I were the one knitting and making it up as I went along. You are amazing.

Picot trim is always adorable.

love it! If you need another test knitter I would be happy to help.

Can't wait for the sweater pattern!!
Its adorable!

I love the little sweater. Your niece is very cute too!

Could the sweater be made for a little boy?

Hurry and publish the pattern, please!

Sweet. I made a stocking for my newest great niece and the best part was not having to write anything down or keep track!

Such a cute sweater and I love your choice of color. Just want to let you know that I just found your blog and have gone back and read ALL of your posting. What a fun way to spend a few hours. Keep up the good work. And I love your models

I'd love to knit this for my daughter! Up to what size do you think you'll offer in the pattern? Hoping to goes up to 4 or 5T. :)

Adorable sweater. And digging the xmas stocking! I keep thinking I should knit some one of these years.

The sweater came out great! The colors suit her really well.

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