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Wooly Wonka Heroines Club

I'm very excited to be working with my friend Anne Podlesak of Wooly Wonka Fibers again. She and I have collaborated many times in the past on  Raleigh, Viola, Unsinkable, and Hecate.

Wooly Wonka Designs
It is always a joy to knit with the gorgeous yarns and colorways that Anne sends. Add to that abundant inspiration from Wooly Wonka's literary club themes. Each time I've worked with Anne's yarns the patterns seem to design themselves. This year I'm contributing to Anne's 2013 Heroines Club. The yarn is in my studio awaiting it's turn on the needles, and I can confirm that this year is no exception. Anne's combination of base and color are exquisite.

After lively discussions with Anne and wonderful suggestions from my daughters we picked the indomitable Irene Adler from Sherlock Holmes. (A favorite of IJK's.) Each month's heroine, yarn and designer are listed in the text below, taken from Anne's Ravelry group.

March 2013: Irene Adler: Brilliant enough to best Sherlock Holmes, but with a whole lot more fashion sense. Kirsten Kapur is designing a shawl for Miss Adler of a knock-your-socks-off red on an 80/20 merino/silk laceweight yarn.
June 2013: Anne Podlesak is designing a pretty Victorian-inspired lace shawl for Alexis Tarabotti, heroine of the Parasol Protectorate series. Smartly turned out from her toes to her the top of her head (which is not just filled with pretty thoughts) Alexis is just the sort of heroine I’d like to be. This shawl will be in the shades of summer violets, and feature an 80/20 BFL/silk laceweight.
September 2013: Mel Goodale is our fall shawl designer. She wanted a strong heroine too, and picked Chiani from Frank Herbert’s Dune. She picked a knock-out of a colorway “Spice” which is a rich golden brown with lots of interesting lowlights and highlights on fingering-weight 50/50 BFL/silk.
December 2013: Finally, to round out the year, Becky Herrick snagged Eowyn from Lord of the Rings as her shawl-design muse. This shawl features three complementary colorways, representing the multifaceted Eowyn. The yarn is our merino/silk/glitter fingering-weight, for a little sparkle to round out the year at the holiday season.


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Irene Adler - I love her. And what other color could she be except knock your socks off scsrlet?

It's interesting to me that we all picked strong heroines. Obviously those are the ladies that stand out. But in retrospect a pretty good argument could be made for basing a light, airy, delicate shawl on a more demure heroine.

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Sounds like I have some reading to do...maybe I could listen to audiobooks while knitting. Love the theme!

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