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Fractured Light

Have you seen the newest Knitty Surprise?  I was honored when Amy asked me to be a part of Knitty's 10th Anniversary issue and thrilled when she told me I'd be working with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Marine Silk Sport in a special edition colorway created just for Knitty.

Fractured Hat 6
When the yarn arrived it reminded me of how much I loved that week each year in science class when we got to play with triangular prisms. I swatched and swatched until I found a stitch pattern that bent the colors in a similar way to a prism.

Mitts 1
The Fractured Light Mitts have a buttoned, garter stitch cuff. The stitch pattern is mirrored on the right and left mitt. The hat also starts with a buttoned, garter stitch edge before moving into the fractured stitch pattern for the body of the hat.

Fractured Hat 2
I love the swirly effect that the variegated yarn makes at the crown.

Fractured Hat 3
If variegated yarn isn't your thing, these patterns will work equally well in a solid color, or striped as I did with some bits of scrap yarn I had on hand. I think they'd be really fun alternating skeins of self striping yarn.


That's Sofie modeling above, as always in need of a new coat of nail polish. Chipped nails seem to be her trademark these days. You can't see it very well in any of the photos from Knitty that I've posted here, but I did make her repaint them before we did the official photoshoot.

Fractured Hat 12
These patterns don't take long to knit and will make excellent holiday gifts. Head on over to Knitty for the patterns or to Ravelry to add the Fractured Light hat and mitts to your queue. Note that I was able to get both the hat and mitts out of a single skein of the BMFA Marine Silk yarn. This will vary from knitter to knitter. Even slight variations in gauge can impact the amount of yarn you use.


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Beautiful combination of yarn and stitch pattern. And the perfect title!

Oh I adore this hat and mitts!! Super cute!

The main picture is just gorgeous, and shows off the knits perfectly. I've bookmarked this one for next year (I'm in Australia).

Love! These would also be awesome in handsome!!

That is such a lovely hat and the purples in the yarn make me so happy.

Lovely and fun. I have been thinking about you since SSS, and hoping things were ok your way. My sister in Morristown had no power for 12 days. So Mendham might not have been better than lower Manhattan! Hope all is well. My brother's office in Battery Park will be off limits until March. But you are knitting and publishing, so glad to see it.

Love this pattern -- and thanks for posting the striped version, since I have some handspun that might want to be these mitts!

Since *you* brought up nail polish, I just HAVE to ask -- what's the dark gray nail polish in the mitt photos on Knitty? It's great!

Wow--both out of one skein? That's impressive. Gorgeous design per the KK norm;)

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