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Dishcloth Diva: Review & Contest

I love using handknit dishcloths. If you've never used a handknit dishcloth, take 2 or so hours of your knitting time, a ball of inexpensive cotton yarn and knit up a dishcloth. Then use it. Wash a dish or two. Wipe down the counters. You'll see what I mean.

Dishcloth 1
So, as you can imagine, I didn't hesitate to say "yes, please" when the folks at Cooperative Press recently offered to send a review copy of Deb Buckingham's new book, Dishcloth Diva. This fun little book, available in both print and digital form, has everything you need to get started knitting dishcloths. At the beginning Deb tells us about cotton - the top choice fiber for dishcloths. She goes into detail on the different types of cotton to help knitters choose the yarn that's best for them.


Cover image copyright Cooperative Press. Used with permission.

From there Deb moves into the patterns, which she groups by type - Knotty or Nice, Lines, Rib It, and Textures. Each chapter has 5 different designs that all work in a range of colors, including a few that are designed specifically for variegated yarns. Beginners as well as more experienced knitters will find something to suit them in Dishcloth Diva.

My sister and I knit a few of the dishcloths from Deb's book when I was in North Carolina last month. They make great travel projects and are simple enough that lively conversation will not make you lose your place.

Dish Cloth 2

The nice people at Cooperative Press have offered a free digital copy of Dishcloth Diva to one lucky knitter. Just leave a comment on this post and I will use a random number generator to select a winner. The contest ends on Thursday, December 6th at midnight EST.


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I'll have to pick this up and knit some. I'll make some for gifts! Great way to use of the cotton yarn in my stash.

Just this morning, as I was wiping down the bathroom counter with a handknit dishcloth, I was thinking, "I need to make more of these things!". Would love to be the lucky winner…

I love knitted dish cloths, use them daily and regularly gift them, so this book needs to be added to the collection one way or another. I wonder if I can update my Santa list...?

Looks like a great book! I have never knitted dish cloths myself, but I have been the lucky recipient many times, and I think I may need to start making these as gifts myself....

I love knitted dishcloths and I love knitting them as well. Some new patterns would be welcome!

I love knitting and using hand-knit dishcloths - I'd like some new patterns and these look great!

New patterns are always welcome! Thanks for the chance to win.

I use them with a hot cup of coffee as a spill wiper and an insulator. Been a long time since I've made one though!

I have heard dishcloths/washcloths poo-pooed by so many "famous" knitters, I'm glad to hear that you like them! I think they are the perfect project anytime, and LOVE to make them for gifts.

I haven't seen this book - so cool!

I love making dishcloths and would love some new inspriration!

Hmmm... I haven't made a dish/face cloth in ages. Might be time to pull out my cotton...

I love using my handmade dish clothes.

This sounds like a must-have book!

I have been looking at this e-book several times and I think i have to buy it. I think I will really like to read more about cotton and knit up some new and modern designs.

I love knitting dish cloths. They are my comfort knitting, when I can't think to knit anything else. And they make great gifts. Looks like a fantastic book.


I adore handmade dishcloths, unfortunately by hubby and sons do too and so they tend to walk off and never return to the kitchen. This is definitely on my Christmas list!

Love handknit dishcloths. This book looks fabulous!

Yes, handknit dishcloths are the best. I always choose one over any other kitchen cloth for washing dishes.

I love hand knit dishcloths! This book looks great!

I'm with ya on the handknit dishcloth bandwagon. I used to be a fan of microfiber cloths, but cotton dishcloths are the bomb!

What fun designs! Thanks for the opportunity.

My favorite yarn type for dishcloth knitting is a blend of linen and cotton - a bit hard on the hands, but so worth it!

I have not used handknit dishcloths, but my sister swears by them and tells me I'll never use a store-bought one again if I ever try the knitted ones. I'd love to win this book, knit a dishcloth or two and give them a try. If they're as good as my sister claims, I may end up knitting every pattern in the book - for myself and family and friends.

I love using hand knit dish cloths and giving them as gifts.

I do not have housekeeping/cleaning hormones, just did not get them when i was born. I made some dishcloths, colourful and i love doing my dishes now. The dishcloths last forever Lovely book.

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