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Highlights of Maine

I've just returned from Fiber College where I taught three classes. It was a wonderful weekend filled with yarn, lobster, and good people. Speaking of good people see that adorable baby on Rachel of OnTheRound's back? That's her daughter. She was an angel, all smiles, and chubby cheeks, and beautiful blue eyes. It was almost enough to distract me from the gorgeous fiber that her mom was selling in her tent. Almost.

Fiber College 1

Below, in no particular order, are a few highlights of the weekend:

FC Mary Lou

  • My partners in crime Mary Lou Egan & Gale Zucker. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to spend quality time with these two amazing women. Both are crazy talented, interesting, funny, and just a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with. I didn't get a photograph of Gale, but there's Mary Lou above showing off Wearwithall, the beautiful book that she wrote with a group of her good friends from The Yarnary. Gale actually is represented here since she did the photography for the book.
  • My students. First there was the lovely group in Knit It On who helped me figure out how to get a breeze going in our hot tent. Next I was lucky to have the opportunity to teach the adaptable, smart, and patient lace class participants. Finally there was the eager, creative group who took Top Down Toppers. I look forward to seeing finished photos of some of those top down hats.

FC Low Tide

  • The beautiful Maine Coast. This is on the beach outside of my cabin at low tide.

FC Lobsters

  • Lobster, lobster, lobster. We ate a lot of it and I LOVED every bite.

Fiber College Yarn Drying

  •  Meeting Ellen. I was lucky to get to spend time dying yarn (that's the yarn we dyed in the photo above) and chatting with her. I can't believe I didn't know of her or her designs before this weekend. Where have I been? Ellen creates beautiful, wearable sweater designs and I want to knit them ALL!

  • The body, dare I say curl, that the ocean air gives my normally straight, flat hair. For the record, it is back to it's usual tricks now that I'm home.

Fiber College Purchases

  • Fiber & Yarn. The vendors at Fiber College were hard to resist. I tried to behave myself but  the gorgeous yarn cake from Play at Life and the braid of BFL from OnTheRound in the photo above both weakened my resolve.
  • Blueberry pie.
  • Blueberry pie for breakfast. (thank you Mary Lou)
  • My visit with Amy Herzog at her home on my drive up. I know Amy well and always enjoy spending time with her. This was the first time I'd met her sweet family. Her boys are ADORABLE!! Seriously. Adorable.

FC Snail

FC Low Tide Green

  • Low tide on the shore outside of my cabin. It was incredible to see the colors of the seaweed as it lay on the rocks waiting for the tide to come back in.

FC Swan's Island

  • Visiting Swan's Island If you're ever in Coastal Maine drop by Swan's Island. Their blankets are spectacular, their yarn is sublime, and you might even get to see their looms in action.

FC Cabin

  • My cabin & the accompanying view. See those Adirondack chairs? We spent quite a bit of quality time there.



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Eating my heart out! So sorry I had to miss the time with you, especially.

It looks so relaxing there...I'm glad you had fun!

I WANT TO GO BAAAAACCCCK! What a lovely time. It was such pleasure to hang with you and help do our bit with the state's lobster glut. (and, um, wine glut).
Fabulous post. You totally nailed it.

What an amazing weekend! thanks for the postcards of your visit.

OMG! That sounds amazing. Your links are dangerous. I know I don't have to click on them, but they are too tempting. Glad to hear you had a fabulous time.

Good post. You have taken Gale's advice to document document document. Fortunately, you left out the part about the wine and the adirondack chair. It was a real pleasure getting to spend time with you. On to rhinebeck?

Oh, it looks heavenly. I wanted to go, but I work at a university and it's a bad time to take a long weekend. But it all looks wonderful, hope you enjoyed.

You visited my beautiful Maine! I don't live too far from Camden!

Beautiful photos.

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