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Two Color Thalia

It occurred to me shortly after I finished my first Thalia that the pattern would work well as a two color shawl. After putting the finishing touches on the Mystery Shawl pattern, and looking for a new project to take on a little get away to Malibu, I treated myself to some vacation yarn - three skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn Fingering.

Thalia 6

The nice thing about fingering weight yarn in 50g hanks (think Koigu KPPPM & Claudia Hand Painted) is that with multi-colored shawls there is less waste. I was able to make this version of the shawl using two skeins of my MC and one skein of my CC. If I had used 100g hanks there would be more than half of the CC left over.

Thalia 4
To make the two color version I alternated colors every two rows throughout the body, then switched to only the MC for the border and finally bound off using the CC. There are certainly other ways to make this a multi-colored shawl, like alternating yarns every 4 rows, or using three colors instead of two. If anyone decides to try, I'd love to see what you come up with.

Thalia 3

Don't ask me what the two colors are, the ball bands are still tucked away in my luggage. Once I finish unpacking I'll put the color names up on the Ravelry project page.

ETA: According to the ball bands the colors are MC - Lipstick & CC - Mangled Tangled, although they look more like my photos than the colors on the Claudia Hand Painted website. The Mangled Tangled is a semi-solid deep, dark purple and the Lipstick is more coral than pink.

Thalia 2
Thalia 5
Thalia 1
Multi Thalia 8


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Those colors are gorgeous together!

Oh, wow, that is beautiful!

Love this!

Love this piece and have already queued it. Now if I could just knit faster.


Now I only want to knit this even more...
I just finished Andrea in a rainbow and grey combination, and it turned out awesome. I have quite some yarn left over. Could I, should I... damn it! I WANT TO KNIT ALL THE THINGS!!!!

VERY pretty!

I'm going to try this using schoppel wool lace...in tropical fish! The bands of rainbow colours will hopefully add to the effect of this wonderful pattern.

Great idea to knit this gorgeous shawl in two colors ... and what fabulous two colors they are!

Simply beautiful! I love this!

This is beautiful! I love the contrasting colors.

Awesome version. My daughter's first name is Claudia and her third name is Thalia – making it even more tempting for me to just straight up copy your yarn choice. Which I never do.

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