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Have you noticed that my website has a new look? I've wanted a cleaner look and to organize things a bit better for a long time. Since I didn't have the techy skills to pull it off myself I called on the talents of the fabulous Carrie Coker Bishop. I'm so excited about the new look she created for me and hope you will all find it easier to navigate.

In knitting news I'll be teaching a colorwork class at All About Ewe in Clark, NJ on March 22nd. There's still space in the class, if you're interested head over to the All About Ewe website for more information and instructions on how to sign up.

And finally, I leave you with a teaser for a collaboration between Anne Podlesak of Wooly Wonka Fibers and myself:

Unsinkable Teaser



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The new site looks fabulous! Congrats!

I like elegance and simplicity, but all that type floating in white space, tabbed ruled lines, and lack of grid feels a little scary to me.

I love the new look!

I like you new look. Can't wait until April 1st.

It looks sleek! Lovely updated look.

It looks fantastic. I'm super excited to learn more about Unsinkable!!!

looks great, but i do kinda miss the lush colors of the old header!

Looks great! And I'm really like Unsinkable!

Love the new look and can't wait to see Unsinkable!

blog looks great kirsten!
i LOVE the new shawl. . . need any testers?
(slikchik on ravelry)

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