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I don't have time for a long post but I wanted to tell you about a test knit I recently worked on for my friend Stacey.

Check out Stacey's lovely Shameless mitts pattern over on Ravelry. They'd make a great last minute gift!

Shameless 1

Shameless 5

I interrupted Izzy's baking (she bakes non-stop these days) to take a few photos:

Don't Stand in the Way of a Woman and Her Pie


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Those look great! You stitch definition and cables pop so well.

Kirsten, thank you so much for your kind words and your gorgeous test knit! You're the best!!

Those are so cute!!!

Very nice! I love the Guernseyish detail.


Looks like Izzy's warmed and dangerous. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Impressive blog! -Arron

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