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Oana Shawl

I am very much behind in posting about new designs that I have had published in books and magazines recently. I choose to blame it on moving, or deadlines, or getting The Charles Collection ready, or rogue October snowstorms. Please indulge my laying the blame elsewhere rather than with my own talent for procrastination. I will try to post every couple of days for awhile so I can show you the designs one at a time.

First off I am very pleased to have a design in the most recent issue of Knitscene - Winter 2011. This particular issue is packed with designs I want to knit. I only wish I could find the time. You can see them all here on Ravlery, or on the Knitscene website.

My contribution is a worsted weight, fringed lace shawl, Oana.

Photo copyright Knitscene


Photo copyright Knitscene

The Oana shawl is worked in one piece from the bottom point upward using worsted weight yarn. The sample in the magazine is made with O-Wool Classic Worsted. I took photos of Sofie modeling the shawl before we sent it off, but sadly my camera was misbehaving that day and the photos didn't come out very well. The few that weren't totally overexposed have Sofie looking quite miserable. Maybe she was upset that we had to ship Oana off and she didn't get to keep this one. Truly I don't remember much about taking the photos other than we were about to miss the train, so there was no time to adjust exposure and such. But you get the idea. Oana Shawl

Look for more pattern updates in the coming days.


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Looks snuggly warm. I can't wait to see what other tricks you've had up your sleeve. By the way, talent for procrastination is an endearing label. I'm gifted that way too.

I'm not usually a shawl girl, but I love everything about this! Added it to the top of my queue, nice work.

Sometimes it feel better as a update but sometimes it really hurts as like panda october update..This is the reason why I call google a cruel lover..

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