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Summer Shawl KAL - Get Those FO's Posted!

Today is the final day of the TTL Summer Shawl KAL over on Ravelry. If you've been knitting along with us, today is the last day to get photos of those finished shawls posted if you want to be included in the prize drawing! I'll keep the thread open until I get up tomorrow morning. That will give our friends on the West Coast a bit of extra time.

Since I hate to write a post without a photo I'll leave you with a few shots of our reaction to our order from Missoni for Target arriving in the mail.





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How lucky you are to have gotten your hands on anything! Here it sold out in hours.

Your photo's are awesome! So cute!

That looks fun!

You guys are rock stars for managing to score all those cute things!


So funny those pictures!

Brilliant! Thanks for a really fun post!!!

Y'all are too stinking cute :) Love that you and your lovely girls enjoy each other so much!!

that's hysterical! I totally shouted you out too with my Missoni for Knitters post, your Ida's Kitchen hat is spot on! ;-)

Can't begin to say how much I love these photos. FUN!
Also , awesome B&W Missoni look on you. I didn't know I wanted any of this until I saw that tunic & sweater together. (Too bad it is sold out far & wide.)


Thanks for reminding me - and for the fun photos!!

So it was you who crashed the Target site!!

I did not participate in the summer shawl KAL, but I love those pictures of you and the girls!

I have twins, too, who are freshman in H.S., and having just survived Senior year with my oldest son who is now at college, I can't imagine what it will be like times 2, especially since my oldest son did EVERYTHiNG himself, and the next 2 are not as independent! Good luck, enjoy the process and keep us posted.....LOVE the socks, and all the other designs too!

Those pictures show a wicked sense of humour. Hilarious! Best ones so far. You made my day. I was seriously LOL.

Lucky Girls! Love all of your outfits and the pictures are adorable too.

OMG - i was SO busy knitting for Rhinebeck that I MISSED THIS AWESOME POST!!! hahaha love you all!

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