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Socks and packing and applying, oh my!

For the past several years I have spent the end of September preparing the TTL Mystery Sock for the release of it's first clue. This year is different. I am madly packing boxes and preparing to move out of the home we have lived in for the past 12 years. I've loved this house with it's beautiful view and acid green front door, but it is time for change. And I've always been one who likes change.

Add to all of the crazy moving nonsense double college applications, essays, teacher recommendations and the usual senior year stress.

Since all of this packing and applying doesn't leave much time for sock design or provide anything in the way of willing foot models, I've had to postpone the Mystery Sock until January. January is always my favorite time of year to snuggle up on the couch wiht a good woolly knit. S&I's college apps will be done and we'll be spending the month celebrating a double 18th birthday. It will be a generally happy, carefree time for the Kapurs.

Since it goes against my nature to leave Socktober unrecognized I've decided to offer a 20% discount on my sock patterns for the month of October. There are also several people in the Through the Loops group on Ravelry who will be having their own TTL Sock KAL. They'd love it if you'd join them. I'll check in on the KAL as much as I can to answer questions and offer encouragement.

Shown below are from top left: Ilsa's Socks, Althea, Jagged and Atlantis.

  Althea Ilsa's Socks



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Ah shucks, I was already starting to think about sock yarns knowing October was coming and that meant the Mystery kal would start. Gives me something to look forward to in January!

We understand. Now I have something to look forward to when we get home from our 1st annual Christmas cruise :) It will make the post-party blues easier to bear.

Good luck with the packing!

Sounds like a good plan! Late fall is already so crammed with crafting for school fund-raisers, and I completely agree about January's easy-going vibe. I'm looking forward to it already. Good luck to all with the move and school apps. :)

January is always such a relaxing month after all the holiday festivities so a KAL then will be great. It is also a great excuse for my dog (who always buys me great christmas presents) to get me a beautiful skein of sock yarn.

Good luck with your move and applications and all! Socks in January sounds swell.

how sad for us and good for you! well, all good things are worth waiting for and other niceties. I have actually, only recently, finished last year's socks, but they are very important socks to me. I'll share when I get my blog post up... maybe tomorrow???

Maybe by January I'll finish some of the socks I've already started and be ready for one of your great KALs! Although it won't seem like Socktober, it'll be fun to have something to look forward to in January. Till then, good luck with your move and all those senior activities...in duplicate, oh my!

Oh, Kirsten, you're a busy lady!! I've lived in my house for almost 25 years... I can't imagine packing up to move!

Thinking of you during this crazy month... if anyone can pull it off you can! Let me know if you need me to "watch" some stash for you during the move : )!

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