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IJK is a Superhero*

Gotta love the whimsey in this kid.

Caped Wonder 2
Abby's Blanket

Caped Wonder

Blanket Jumpity

Multi abby 4

  Multi abby 3

Pattern: Abby's Blanket

Yarn: Random balls of Karabella Aurora 6 and Auora 8 from my stash

Needles: US 9

Finished Measurements: 40x40"

Notes: I worked this version at a larger gauge and switched colors every 8 rounds. The last few color bands took 60-70 grams per color. Every other band took less than one 50 gram skein from the stash.


*She has once again achieved grades that boggle my mind in very demaing classes. I am a proud mama.


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It reminds me of an afghan my nana knit for me when I was a kid. She used a feather and fan stitch and all her leftovers from hats and mittens. It was colorful and I adored it.

The flying shot is one of my most favorite knit photos ever. Love the blanket, too. Yay for you & IJK!

I spy a super-hero, or a really sweet looking blankie!!
Man, seems as if all the other good knit bloggers are taking the summer off!
I depreciate yours so much!

ah, that should of read "appreciate".
Morning blunders are the best, no?

Ha ha. Very pretty!

all of your children are superheroes. you have every reason to be the proudest mama! congratulations to izzy!

I love that last shot! Is that your back yard? Ah, it reminds me of my parents house back in Ohio...gah, I miss rolling green hills in the summertime...and in the fall as well! Lovely blanket by the way!

I love the super hero shots!

Look at her fly! Beautiful blanket and to think it's from your stash. Hmm, to have stash like that... Happy day!

Hooray for SuperHeroes! Hooray for gorgeous blankets! Life is good!

Totally love this! Love your color palette!

I really like the vibrant super hero colors and saturated green background. Beautiful work and very inspiring blog!

Best, zill.y

Lovely work.

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