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Exciting Times at TTL!

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend of teaching at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. I met more smart, fun, inspiring knitters than I could ever list here. I was having so much fun that my camera only came out once or twice. I did manage to get a shot or two of Sheri's amazing store. If you ever find yourself in St Louis, be sure to stop in to The Loopy Ewe. The amount of must-have yarn in that place is staggering.

More Yarn @ the Loopy Ewe

Yarn at the Loopy Ewe

You'd think a weekend spent with 135 or so enthusiastic knitters is enough excitement for one week. But my life these days is filled with good times. Sofie & Anders' band, The NowhereNauts album was released today!! The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

They've put in 2 years of hard work to get to this day and I am very proud of them. The record release party is tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you happen to be in the neighborhood come out and check them out!


Hunter Tony SOfie


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Bought the album and listening to it now. Love it!

Great store pictures! Congratulations to your kids and their friends!

My goodness look at all that yarn! I'd be in big trouble there. And congrats to your kids - that's really awesome.

The Knitting Factory! That's big time in NYC club land. Best of luck to them. Oh yeah and the yarn is gorgeous!

Big news! Happy celebrating!

Your little heart must be beating loudly with motherly pride. So happy for you!

I do like your kids' band -- congrats on the BigTime for them. Love the album cover. Did one of the band members design it?

I must admit I'm a bit envious, having kids who lean more to the sporty, videogaming, non-wordsmith side. But my kids are priceless too!

congrats to sophie and her bandmates!

Hi K!!! Such fun and exciting news! Congratulations to the NowhereNauts! I am definitely going to check out their album. Also, I can't believe I never visited the Loopy Ewe when I was living in St Louis or even when I've been back for visits! Lame! I hope you're well!!

that yarn! that poster! wow! to both really! the knitting factory is a major deal and i am sure you are loving the name of the club!

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