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I'm so excited to show you Ramona. It's a test knit I did for my good friend Karen Clark of Choochoo Knits. From the first time she sent me a photo of her design I loved it. Easily worked top down construction and lovely lace embellishments are right in my knitting wheelhouse. And you can't argue with results like these:

Ramona 10

Sofie wears this sweater all the time. I should modify that statement a bit by saying she wears it when she can find it because it fits me too and I've taken to hiding it from her. Heh. I really wish I had photos of myself in this sweater to prove to you how well it fits two very different bodies. Her bust is about 34" and mine is about 38". That's how much stretch this thing has.

Ramona 8

I also love the way the way Ramona fits Sofie to create that hourglass shape in the back that you see in the photo above. That's all due to the inherent stretch in the design. There is no body shaping. But if you are the sort who still enjoys a bit of waist shaping, there's plenty of room to add it in the stockinette side panels.

Ramona 6

Sofie likes to sass Ramona up with heels and a flirty skirt. I wear it casually with jeans and boots. It's versatile enough to work equally well both ways. For versatility Karen's design gets high marks!

Ramona 1
For my version of Ramona I used Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool. The color is "Milk Chocolate". Stonehedge Fiber Mills offers this yarn in a beautiful range of colors. I first saw Shepherd's Wool at Fiber Space last fall, where I bought myself a few skeins to play with. Then I saw it again at Rhinebeck where I picked up a sweater's worth of the yarn that I used for Ramona. It's a lovely, soft merino that can easily be worn right next to the skin. There is a bit of pilling, but the pills can be plucked off and IMO it's a worthwhile trade-off for softness.

Ramona 9

Pattern: Ramona

Yarn:  Stonehedge Fiber Mills Shepherd's Wool, Worsted Weight

Needles: US 7 (4.5mm) this is the project I was working on when my needles were confiscated at the airport in Florence. You can hear more about that nasty experience here.




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I love it! How great to have a sweater that you both can wear and enjoy, too.

That's a great sweater. It's going on my list. I LOVE Sofie's sense of style.

**I'm tearing up** THANK YOU!!!

good lord, that sweater is a knockout!

The sweater is gorgeous Kirsten. But so is Sophie. The two go good together. :) You will have to get pics with you wearing it also. The detail is awesome.

It's beautiful!

Very beautiful sweater! I love the Shepherds Wool from Stonehenge...I used it on the Dr. G's Memory Vest I knit for my husband :) I was worried it wouldn't show the cables or hold up, but I have been wrong. Such a gorgeous yarn at a great price.

Gorgeous sweater and the fact that it's knit out of my favorite yarn (bonus!) Patricia's Yarns got that in last year and I cannot get enough of it!

It is a fantastic sweater - and your daughter really knows how to wear it - so sassy - love it!

Wow she gets more gorgeous every time I see her! The sweater is wonderful too :)

A beautiful sweater! I picked up some of that yarn from Rhinebeck last year. It's so soft!

Fabulous sweater! Your daughter is a natural beauty. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

What a beauty. Lovely pattern.

Lovely. Shepherd's Wool is my very favorite yarn. I love it!

Love this sweater!

Admitting I'm WAY behind in my blog reading....I do love your daughter's sense of style...and I have to know where the shoes came from! Please?

What a great knit! And so versatile too! And sophie knows how to style it to make it so funky and unique!

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