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Last Night and Looking Forward to May

Just a quickie post with no knitting content whatsoever. (But I'm hoping Sofie's fluffy skirt will hold your interest.)


Anders & Sofie's band The NowhereNauts played a show at the Mercury Lounge last night. While it may be argued that I am a little biased, I'm still going to say it - they were amazing.

To listen to their music, check out their Facebook Band page. If you like what you hear be sure to "like" them there.



They've got several more shows planned over the next few months leading up to a very exciting day in May:

Record Announcement


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That's so exciting! You should be one proud mama!

omg you are the most talented family ever!

wow! Congratulations! They sound great and Mercury is a pretty big deal!


Fantastic! The Mercury Lounge was always my favorite room to hear my ex & his band play (well, once CBGB was gone...). I can't wait for their album!!

i love their music and will be first in line to buy their album!

Hurray! That's the perfect skirt for a gig.

Oh look how grown up your babies are. Sigh.

They sound great. It's so exciting about their album.

That's really cool. Great kids!

Congrats to them! Such amazing talent at such a young age. You must be bursting with pride.

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