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T Shirts & Libraries

TNWN Printing
My home sometimes doubles as a tshirt factory. The day before Thanksgiving IJK and I screen printed about a hundred tshirts for Anders & Sofie's band The NowhereNauts.

TNWN Tshirt Factory
They had a show at the Mercury Lounge  that week and as is too often the case in this house, we had waited until the last minute to print the shirts.

TNWN Tshirt

The show went well, although poor Sofie had a fever of 103 the day before. She is a trooper that one. She sang her heart out and most in the audience had no clue that she was sick.  About a week or so later the kids were thrilled to have their band featured on the ModCloth Blog. Sofie was beyond excited since she spends a good bit of time drooling over the goodies on ModCloth.


In other news, I will be at the New York Public Library this Saturday, December 18 along with Melissa Wehrle for a knitting event, Handmade Crafternoon: Emerging Designers' Knitting Circle. It should be a fun day of knitting & chatting so if you are in NYC please come and join us.

Now I'm off in this fridgid winter wind to take Sofie to her vocal lesson. Good thing I've got a few handknits to keep me warm.



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Kirsten! How can I get one of your kids' band's tshirts! They came out so great.

Wow, I so wish I could be at the library this Saturday. You'll wow them, I know!

just found your blog via something i was looking at in ravelry. love what i see so far. and i wish i knew about the nyc library event sooner so i wouldn't have made plans already!

those t-shirts look great. what do you need to screen print at home?

I frequently help my BF print shirts for his various (yes, various. there are many) bands, and no matter how often i implore him to let me help him get a head start, we often do most of the printing the day of. It seems to be the way things go. Fortunately, he invested in a friend's screen printing business, and part of the agreement there was access to the equipment, so at least now we get to print them on a real press with a flash dryer and all that fun stuff.

All that to say, I love playing t-shirt factory!

Wish you a very merry Xmas!

kirsten! I hope you had a great Christmas and that Italy was fantastic. Happy new year!!

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