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  Serious Business

The contemplation of a new hat is serious business.

  Same But Different

It takes time to assess whether or not the style of the hat is right for your image, aesthetic, hairstyle.


You ask a trusted friend if they think it's the look for you.


Oh, the joy of that moment of clarity when you realize you love your new hat.

All you can do is DANCE!!


Dance 1 

Dance 3
Dance 4

Dance 5

Pompoms are for Dancing

"Huarez" Hat coming soon with 4 different options from no ear flaps to do-your-ears-hang-low-and-have-pompoms ear flaps.



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Lol, love the dancing pictures with ears and poms flying around.

love the slideshow!

Ooh, would love to make one of these for my sister!

I love this hat! The more poms the better, I say.

The hats are wonderful! And I love the photo shoot, too.

I don't know what I like more...the hats, the poms, or the photos! Another amazing design, Kudos!

Looks fun flinging the pom poms.

Really, really adorable. Ear flap hats are so hot right now ;) Can you tell I watched Zoolander recently? lol

Lisa and I love it - especially the models!!!

Such fun!

You just have to have the most fun with those three kidlets! I love them, oh, and the hats too!

This is the best blog post!

Your hats are so cool! :)

Love, love, love the hats and cant wait for the pattern! The hats are so 'now' but at the same time are classics.

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