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Socktoberfest Mystery Sock Week 3 - The Heel

Here's clue # 3. Have fun!!

Download MysterySock10 Week3Heel.pdf (237.2K)

Don't forget to post your progress photos in the TTL Ravelry group. There's a special thread for week #3.

Also be sure that you have a "Spoiler Alert" button set as the first photo on your project page. We don't want to spoil the mystery for anyone!

Happy Knitting!!



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I keep forgetting this year to look @ the next clue on Thursday very late....so it has been a nice surprise to check my forums on Ravelry and see the posts regarding the KAL. Yay coffee & another clue!

thank you and thank you again. as last year, this is my project on the 14+ hour flight to/from Australia. It is the one time of year I finish a sock in less than a month.

I was looking at the sizes, and its says they're 6, 7, and 8 inches. Is that right? Based on 8 sts/in, I thought the sizes would be 7, 8, and 9 inches. Did I miss something?

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