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Quickie Post

I'm runnign out the door to take Sofie into the city for her vocal lesson but before I go I want to let you know about an upcoming TTL event. On the evening of October 20th I'll be teaching a class on my Roma Shawl pattern at Down Cellar in Basking Ridge, NJ. We'll start the evening with a Through the Loops trunk show.  You can read more about the event here.  Space is limited so sign up now.

I don't like to post without photos and since I don't have any knitting projects to show I thought you might enjoy seeing the flapper dress Sofie made for a school project. A good flapper dress deserves a good flapper dance.

Flapper Dance 5

Flapper Dance 4

Flapper Dance

Flapper Dance 2

Flapper Dance 3



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Cute dress! She'll fit right in at the annual Jazz Age party on Governor's Island every year:


Lovely dress!!

So cute!!! Sofie did a lovely job on the dress. If you scroll down quickly with the mouse, it really looks like she's dancing.

The dress is so cute. She is too!

Love that dress!!

Love the dress, and the dance :-)

I remember her adventures with newspaper so I thought she might like this:

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! How fun.

That looked fun 8)

What absolutely lovely school do your kids go to? She's very creative and talented.

Great Dress Design. Also love the hat and shoes styled with it. And of course, the dance :)

She pulls it off beautifully with just the right attitude. It's a lovely dress!

What a beautiful dress - she did a wonderful job!

Cute, as always!

I made a "movie" of your pics by scrolling down just enough to get the top of the first pic at the top of my screen and then pressing "page down" key. Sofie did a great flapper dance then :)

Evertime I see your childrens' photos I think what beautiful kids you have.

A good flapper dress deserves a good flapper dance.Great Dress Design. Also love the hat and shoes styled with it. And of course, the dance :)

awesome picture :D

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