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October is Coming. . .

. . . and do you knot what that means?

October is Coming
No, I'm not referring to the search for the perfect pumpkin.

Yarn Balls
It means that it's time to start winding up your sock yarn!

Mystery Sock 09
Last Year's Mystery Sock

I'll be hosting the annual TTL Mystery Sock KAL again this year. There's already been lots of discussion over on Raverly.

You'll find info in the Ravelry discussion, so stop over and get the details. Please take the time to say 'hello' while you're there, ask any other questions that I might have forgotten and let us know you'll be joining us this year.

Please spread the word!!


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i can't wait!!

woot! just signed up. thank you.

ooh, can't wait - i've been looking for an "excuse" to knit a new pair of socks :o)

hooray! i can't wait!

Hooray! I was just thinking about this the other day. Thanks for doing it again!

I'm thrilled you are doing this again. My very first mystery sock was your 2008 sock and I loved the 2009 as well. Now to search through my stash for the perfect semi-solid. Thanks!!

Woot! I loved your MS09, and even made a baby version complete with the lovely toe. Thank you for hosting again!

I can only hope that this year I read the pattern rather than assume that the leg pattern is carried down the foot exactly as it's already been knit. I kinda want to end up with a sock that's supposed to look like the pattern. In short, I promise not to be an idiot.

yay yay yay!

MS09 was so fun! Can't wait to get started!

Hooray! I'm so looking forward to this :)

Yay!! I cannot wait to start casting on! Come on October!

Oh, I am tempted!

Yay! Can't wait!

My sister has already worn through the pair I knit for her in last year's KAL. :)

I am so in!

Yay! I can't wait! The last 2 years I caught the KAL during the middle and end, so this year I'll be right on time!! I'm so excited!

Yes, I would like to join the KAL-knitting! Today is 1st October....

Hi, I LOVE Sophie's BLUE BOOTS!!! I see she is also wearing them in the Loopy Ewe's Pics for the High Line Shawl...
Is there ANY way you could tell me where she found such GREAT shoes??? If you don't want to say here - you can email me with my info added below!
Thanks, and hope you don't mind sharing...
I love that they zip up the side for easy on and off...

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