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The Stitch Collection

I love stitch dictionaries. I have quite a few that I turn to again and again for inspiration. So when I got an email from the nice folks at Lark Books offering to send me a copy of their new stitch guides The Stitch Collection, by Debbie O'Neill to look over, I was happy to accept.

Stch Collection 1
If I didn't know better, I'd think they designed The Stitch Collection just for me. I'm on the road a lot with my kids. I sit in cafes & coffee shops working on new designs. In the past I've always had to make copies of pages from my dictionaries only to find that the four or five stitches that I'd brought along just didn't quite work with the yarn or the design. This nifty collection is scaled so that I can toss the whole box or just one or two of the five separate books in my bag and go.  Perfect.

Stch Collection 3
Another feature of this set that I really like is the description given for each stitch pattern. Debbie O'Neil includes notes on specific details of the individual stitch patterns and ideas for projects where each might work well. There's even a key on every page with  simple symbols for "drape" and "level" - very helpful.

Snowdrops & Snap Peas 2

I figured the best way to get to know the collection was to create a design using it. I had a wonderful time pouring over each booklet. I chose two stitches, one from the Lace collection and one from Rib, made a few quick adjustments for knitting in the round and knit up a beret. The lovely stitch pattern I used is called "Snowdrop Lace". I combined it with a fun "Rickrack Rib" which gives the brim a good bit of stretch and a lot of textural interest.

Stch Collection 2

Leave a comment on this post by Sunday, August 1st at midnight EDT and I'll draw one winner using a random number generator to receive a copy of The Stitch Collection.  I'll also draw 5 winners who will each receive a copy of the pattern for the beret and matching mitts (not pictured, my hand model is still asleep. ETA: For those who asked - the model woke up. Photos of the mitt below.). The hat and mitts use Quince & Co's Osprey in "Snap Pea" so I'm calling the pattern "Snowdrops & Snap Peas".

Snowdrop and Snap Pea Mitt

Snowdrop and Snap Pea Mitt 2


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Always enjoy your posts and designs, was sorry to miss you at Modern Yarn when you came to teach.

These books look handy! Thanks for the chance to have them :-)

Oh, those look great! I also love stitch dictionaries...

What a lovely beret. The green and lace stitches really pop.

Nice looking book set. And very interesting to see how you used them in your design process. Cheers!

Beautiful work!

Since I'm still a new knitter, I'm all about the stitch dictionary! I like the fact that these are small and portable.

I love stitch books too! But I'm always wondering how similar they are to any other. Your beret is beautiful!!

I love that beret - I would like to make one.

I've seen those stitch dictionaries on a bunch of blogs recently, and they look great. In the few dictionaries that I do have, I've never seen notes on drape, and that would be incredibly helpful to know. I think you're definitely right about the portability, too.

A very popular set! I have seen it on a few blogs and would love to see them myself. The beret is so pretty as well, can't wait to see the mitts.

Ooooh! I have a love for reference books, esp (stitch) dictionaries that borders on obsession. These look simply wonderful.

Love that beret! And as a newbie, would love to win these reference books!! They look like something I need.

Really love to read your blog and always enjoy seeing the models. I would love to have the stitch reference books.

They look great!

I love stitch dictionaries, too, and agree the small size would be very handy! Another great design, too.

Ooh, I'd love to win!

What a clever little book collection! It does seem perfect for you with the grab-n-go-ness! And another beautiful beret - please share the mittens when the model is awake!:)

I think it's time for me to venture into designing, so these would be great! I second Stacey's request for a mitten sharing. ;-)

love both the mitts and the beret!

Either the books or the patterns would be a great prize!

I keep seeing this set of stitch dictionaries around blogland, I definitely need to add it to my wish list! That is, if I don't win a copy first. :)

I cannot wait for this pattern to come out. I am in love with Quince and Co. color palette. You are amazing...when is the publishing world going to figure out you need a book deal?

Now that looks like a convenient format -- beautiful beret as well!

Lovely beret!

What fun! The pattern is beautiful, and the dictionary looks worthy of much perusal.

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