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The Kapur family has been on a wild ride for the past several weeks.. To tell you the truth, I think it's the Fourth of July, but I'm not entirely certain of the date these days. (Happy 4th to all of my friends in the US if I do have the date right!)

In NJ school gets out quite a bit later than other parts of the country, but the Lad finally graduated on June 23. Both grandmas were here to celebrate with him. Aren't the three of them cute together?

The Grandmas

When my mom came for graduation so did this lovely quilt that she made for Sofie. Despite the summer temps, Sofie has been wrapped in it since its delivery. (Aren't you glad that this post isn't totally devoid of craftiness?)

A Gift From My Mutti

Sofie had to miss Anders's graduation. She was at a book release party for a project that she's spent a good bit of time on over the past 9 or so months. Last fall Sofie was asked by author Josh Farrar to work on a recording project. He had just completed a YA novel called Rules to Rock By, about Annabelle Cabrera a 13 year old who "used to be" a rock star. Josh's concept was to record an album to accompany the book. Sofie was asked to be one of the singers, along with very talented and adorable, Justine Skyers. (You can hear the songs by heading over to Amazon and listening to the samples there.) It makes me giddy to see my daughter's name on Amazon,  iTunes,  and in reviews both on-line and in print. She has really grown through the professional recording experience she has had working on this project. Sofie, Anders and their band mate Hunter are all playing shows this summer as part of the fictional band "The Bungles". Their own band, The NowhereNauts also has several shows. You will find show information on Facebook for the Rules to Rock By  Bungles and The NowhereNauts. Join both group pages for updates.

Just as we were settling into the rhythm of summer I got a phone call. It went something like this:

Me: Hello

Him (in a very calm voice): Hi mom

Me: What's up Anders? (I know he's calling from the soccer field because I had just driven past and seen him playing.)

Him: Um, I broke my leg. I know it's broken because my foot is flopping around.

At this point my heart begins to race and we agree that since an ambulance is on it's way I should meet him at the hospital. Forty eight hours, one titanium rod and 2 titanium plates later we returned home with pain killers, injections for blood thinners and a pair of crutches, ready to begin our summer again. Luckily there are soccer games to be watched, summer reading to be accomplished and good friends to help pass the time.


Here's hoping things settle down just a little bit here at Casa TTL.


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I had no idea that Anders broke his leg! Oh my goodness! Wishing him a speedy recovery!

I agree, wishing for a speedy recovery!!

I hope your boy gets weel real soon, and congratulations on his graduation and Sofie´s achievement. wonderfully beautiful quilt!
best wishes from Iceland
ps. I read your blog all the time, just not a very active commenter.

That is most definitely a roller coaster! I hope the rest of your summer is infinitely calmer!

Quick healing wishes to Anders and a hope for a quieter rest of the summer for you all.

Well. . .congratulations on the graduation, and how awful about the leg! Happy fourth to you!

Oh my goodness, what a roller coaster! I hope things calm down for you all soon, and the broken leg heals soon!

It's definitely all happening at your neck of the woods! Mostly positive though by the looks of things.....what a vibrant and creative bunch you are though!

That quilt is breathtaking! Wow! I've never seen one that gorgeous.

Congratulations on the graduation and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The quilt is just beautiful.

And he could learn to knit, right?

You clearly have a great and talented family.

Poor kid, hope the leg heals quickly.
Congrats to Sofie and her great accomplishments and btw, the quilt is gorgeous.
Happy 4th of July to all!

That's a rollercoaster indeed.

Sending congratulatory wishes and healing vibes to the respective individuals, and a large gin and tonic to you!

I think rollercoaster is a bit of an understatement :-) I hope the excitement slows down a bit for you guys.

Yikes!! Hope Anders' leg heals quickly, and that the rollercoaster slows down for you all.

Yikes! What a beginning to your summer, but given the attitude of those at Casa TTL, things are bound to turn around!

oh i hope he gets well soon! poor boy....:(

congrats to sophie on her accomplishments! i wish i lived on the east coast just to go see their band..haha i love their music and her voice...:)

get well soon!!

Never a dull moment! Thanks for the 'Rules to Rock by' reminder, so exciting. Love the 'proud grannies' shot!

So sorry about the leg! That quilt is AMAZING!

Wow. Just, well WOW. On all accounts in your post. :o) Life with kids, as mine are small and yours are not, just proves that if its not some kind of crazy its another kind of crazy. *grin*

Geez. Sorry to hear about Anders. My 11 year old son broke his arm this spring and is still recovering. He's at camp right now, rods to come out of arm soon. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and some calm times!

Oh no! Wishing him good healing!! (and wow, what a phone call! It sounds like he was so calm!!!)

And I remember you writing about Rules to Rock by when they were working on it - how exciting! Go Sofie!

Hope the big drops are finished now, and the rest of the summer turns out to be more like a carousel ride! Thinking of you!

Well, at least there is World Cup to watch, until he recovers! Congrats to Sofie - I remember watching the trailer months ago!

I thought something must have happened...been checking your blog...
speedy recovery to Anders....have my own history with ankle reconstruction...he will be fine..

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