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Coming Soon - Lonicera

I named this pattern Lonicera, the botanical name for honeysuckle, a beautiful & fragrant wild vine. A favorite childhood memory is of wandering the fields around my childhood home, on warm June days, looking for honeysuckle patches. My sisters and I would pluck the flowers and carefully pull out the stamen for a sip of the honeysuckle's tasty nectar. The pattern for this vest/wrap went out to test knitters this morning. I hope to have the pattern ready for publication by mid July.

More information on Ravelry. (This link will work for everyone, not just Raverly members.)

Lonicera 3

Lonicera 4

Lonicera 6

Lonicera 7

Lonicera Back







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That is so beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern. This will make a perfect Christmas gift.

Very nice! I just may have the perfect yarn for this.

I love this! This might be fab in Rowan Felted Tweed for fall...

Lovely! I want one! :-)

i just recently discovered your blog and am so happy i did! it is beautiful..your kids are amazing...your designs so drool worthy! can't wait to knit this one up...just perfection!

Oh wow, another gorgeous pattern! You are amazing. It looks fabulous on your beautiful daughter.

I LOVE This!!!

That is freakin' brilliant (pardon my language) and looks like something I saw in Victoria secret, but WAY WAY prettier!

Love, this. I am looking forward to the pattern. I seem to have a thing for wraps / shawls. Thanks for the sneak peek.

If you need another test knitter - please count me in:) This is gorgeous!

Wow! I can't wait to get this one on the needles!

you're do talented. I haven't even finished my Que Sera yet. How do you do it?

Wow! That is gorgeous!

I can not wait to knit this! As usual your work is gorgeous and your daughter is lovely as always. This will be a great piece for here in Texas! Hopefully, I'll be done with my Que Sera by the time you get this pattern released!

love, love, love! I just knit my first project with bamboo last week (a market bag) and was thinking how nice a garment would be made out of it!

Can't WAIT for your pattern. :D

It's beautiful! At first, I did not read and did not realize it was also a vest. What an amazing idea!

I love it!!

This is another beautiful project. I adore it!

I LOVE this!! I can't wait till it comes out, it'll be at the top of my list!

Oh man ALIVE this is fantastic! But I'm a sucker for any and all leaf motifs:)


Seriously - beautiful pattern - wonderful design - I can see it as a christmas present for my sister.

What a beautiful pattern. I am already thinking which color to use for mine!!

Like, super-duper, uber soon???!!!
Me wanna makey this asap. :P

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