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For Those Summertime Cocktails

Ah, it's that time of year again - delightful summer beverages sipped in lovely outdoor locations.

Coasters 1

But along with those icy drinks comes the inevitable condensation on the glass followed quickly by a little puddle around its base. Each tasty sip adds another drip to the front of your blouse, on the knitting in your lap or the pages of your book.

Coasters 2

It's a good thing these absorbent, little cotton coasters are so quick to make. Most of us already have the required scraps of cotton yarn sitting in the stash. I used remnants from the Potholder Swap.

Coasters 3

As with potholders, you can use any crochet motif that strikes your fancy. Make two circles (or squares, or hexagons. . .) for each and join them with your choice of crochet border.
Coasters 4

There are many patterns and tutorials for the simple circles that I made, but here's my formula. I alternated one round per color of two colors, then added a contrasting edging.

(Assume that when I write dc here the first dc in each round is actually a ch3 )
Create a loop with the yarn and work 12 single crochets into it.
Next round: 2dc into each of the 12. (24 sts)
Next round: (2dc into first st, 1dc into next st.) to end of round. (36 sts)
Next round: (2dc into first st, 1dc into next 2 sts.) to end of round. (48 sts)
Next round: (2dc into first st, 1dc into next 3 sts.) to end of round. (60 sts)
Etc. to the size you want.

Coasters 5

I used a 3.5mm (E) crochet hook and Rowan 4 ply cotton yarn.
Coasters 6
I may even stick one or two of these in my bag for those outdoor cafes that fail to provide a cocktail napkin with my mojito.

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A set of colorful coasters would look great with my red chairs. What a cute idea, Kirsten!

Love those -- thanks so much for the instructions! Now maybe I can get around to learning to crochet ...

Useful, pretty and perfect. Well done!

They are adorable! I wish I understand crochet enough to make some. Think I will have to have Maryse over for another lesson!

I'm going to have to add these to my other cotteny projects that are patiently waiting for me to start. :)

k, those are adorable! so fun and bright and colorful.

Nice - and clever :))

So sweet. I sometimes sew coasters for hostess gifts, but these would be even nicer!

Ha!-I work at a yarn shop...next to a coffee shop (heaven, I know) and I feel bad wasting paper towel to prevent condensation from getting everywhere from my iced coffee. What a great, quick project. Do you mind if I display this in the shop (while using them), provided I link to your tutorial. Thanks!

So cute... and practical!!!

Beautiful. I love your choice of colours.

Very cute! I must make a few of these - thanks for sharing.

I love the idea of throwing a couple in your bag for . . . whenever you might need one out-and-about! Hmmmmm. . . I think I need a few!

Very nice..some perfect summertime yarning! I can't wait to make some of these, thank you for the pattern! :)

Love the Coasters ! Made me recall the old glass "Sleeves" from years gone by. Does anyone have a pattern for them? They would be like the foam "Cosies" of today. Starting with one of these coaster bottoms and continuing up the sides of the glass?

I'm so making these! Thanks for taking time to write the instructions.

So cute! I think I'll knit square ones!

Great way to use up those extra bits. Thank you for sharing!

clever and cute! I may have to make a few of these.....

Love these coasters I made a set for my daughter this weekend thank you for the pattern!

These are beautiful!

These are so pretty and just scream summer to me. I would love to link to them in my next Crochet Roundup if you didn't mind.

Love the coasters!

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