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Nothing makes me happier than when the poppies bloom. I love everything about these spunky plants their plump, fuzzy buds,  their brilliantly colored, papery petals, their strong, wiry stems, and the heavy, seed filled decorative seed pods that follow the spectacular blooms. What started as one small plant has grown to a lush patch in my garden.

Poppies 1

Poppies 2
Poppies 3

The past several months have been filled with secret knitting, so I've had very little to show on this blog. Most of that is done now, so look for new projects very soon. Until then I'll try to amuse you with what my kids have been up to.

1. Anders went to the prom. (Don't worry that's water in the martini glass. He was just trying to work the James Bond look.)

Doing His Best James Bond

2. Izzy opened an etsy shop - CirclingSimplicity.

IJK's Necklace

So far she only has a few things in the shop. The necklace above and a few silk screened t shirts. She plans to create quite a bit more this weekend, so if you like what you see be sure to favorite her stop and stop by next week.

3. Music, music, music. Anders & Sofie's band has been busy writing, recording and will soon be doing several performances in NYC and one in Boston. If you are interested in keeping up with what they're doing you can join their Facebook group.


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Seriously. Anders those shoes MAKE the outfit. I'm sure his date will be thrilled. :)

I LOVE poppies too!! Those salmon pinkish you have are really wonderful!

Your kids are just so dang talented!

I tell ya - some fantastic gene pool your kids were swimming in. I think it's stellar how creative and yet how differently creative they all are.

I love your poppies! Such talented and lovely children.

Those kids are ridiculously talented. And that song made me tear up. Greatness is just a moment away for them!

I have some poppies in my garden and each morning I peer out to see if one has blossomed yet. They're such a treat, aren't they? And the flowers last such a short time.

Anders is so dashing and the shoes are spot on.

Such creativity in your family -- kudos to you all.

I love poppies. I have one orange one that comes back each year but it doesn't grow. I think I need to buy some more!

OMG, the shoes! I love them! I could see Anders heading up a big band.

Your kids rock! They're fortunate to have a family that nurtures their talents and lets them shine.

Wow! Your kids are incredibly talented....(off to check out the etsy shop!)

I love the poppies photographs . . . I've always said that the next tattoo will be of poppies, but there's no way to get their transparent beauty quite right. PS - Love Anders' shoes

Planted poppy seeds in my community garden this summer.... hopefully they will be as lovely as yours!

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