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I've mentioned my friend Justine here in the past. Her adorable son modeled for the Pembroke Vest.

Look how much he's grown, and those red tresses of his have only gotten better.

Justine owns the most wonderful LYS . It's full of creativity and beautiful yarn, not to mention a bit of clay.


Yep, those are my girls throwing pots behind the piles of yarn.
Justine's store, Angelfire Studios is one of my favorite places to hang out. There is so much inspiration there, tons of fabulous yarn and fun, interesting people.

Yesterday Justine launched her online yarn shop. She's got lots of wonderful yarns including Blue Sky, Rowan, Koigu, Madeline Tosh, Dream in Color, Malabrigo, Tilli Tomas and many more. There's free shipping on orders over $100, and if you enter the code "TTL" at checkout she's offering a 10% discount off your first order. The offer is good for the next 30 days. So if you're looking for a little yarn fix, go check out Angelfire Studio's new online shop.

For a Wee One

It is an odd thing when someone who played with your children as a child has a baby of her own. It hits too close to home. I feel years away from this stage and yet here we are. I've known the recipient of these booties since she was three - Anders was a newborn at the time. I am struggling to think of her as a mom.

Booties for Lizzie
Not that I don't relish the opportunity to knit for a baby. Who doesn't love knitting sweet little baby things?

Booties Poms
And not that I don't wish the new parents all the love and joy that my own children have brought me. This is just one of those moments that makes me reflect back on myself. How can I be old enough that SHE is having a baby? Wasn't I just at this stage?

Booties Untied
Maybe it's partly the birthday that I celebrated last week. It seems I just turned 40, yet here I am so very, very close to 50. Sigh. STOP IT Kirsten! Little Miss "It's All About Me". Lizzie is having a baby. It should be all about her.

Pink Booties 1 Green Booties 1

Pattern: Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties

Pink Yarn- Sweetgeorgia Speed Sock in "After Glow" this yarn has been in my stash for years. Does she even still make this?

Green Yarn- Hand dyed by my good friend Justine from Angelfire Studios. She's got one more skein of this in her shop. Tell her I sent you.

Needles: US 1.5/2.5mm

Mods: After seeing the Yarn Harlot's post last week I decided that these had to have pom-poms. Gah! Those pom-poms make them so darn cute! Thank you for the inspiration Stephanie!


Potholders Fence

If you remember a month or so back I posted about a batch of potholders that I made for the Potholder Swap 2010. Two days ago the most wonderful package arrived in the mail - five sunny, charming, unique potholders. I can't stop marveling at these beauties.

Bliss in Cotton
They were made by (from top left) Steph, Hollis, Adrian, Cheryl and Lynda. Thank you to all 5 of you. I love each one of them.

I can't even begin to imagine how much work it was to host a swap of this size. There were over 100 packages from all over the world, containing 5 potholders each. The hosts had to organize, sort, package and mail 500 of these crocheted lovelies. Adrian, Maryse, Maritza & Stacie did it all with humor & efficiency. I could not be more thrilled with the potholders that they selected for me. Thanks to our amazing hosts!!!

Bunny Nuggets

Bunneh Nuggets

I spent yesterday morning making a batch of Bunny Nuggets. I would have made more but it was a beautiful day and a round of golf seemed to be a better option.

Bunneh Nuggehs

Bunneh Butts
Bunny Nuggets

Pattern: Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger. The pattern is also available on Ravelry. This free pattern is very well written and easy to follow.

Yarn: Scraps of worsted weight yarns. I think I could make about 200 more and still have scraps left over.

Needles: US 5 to get a nice tight gauge so the stuffing doesn't poke out.

Mods: I worked the ears as icord.

My Bunny Nuggets on Ravelry


Happy Easter

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to go out with a pair of shears and a bucket of water. There are so many flowers and trees starting to bloom that it is a simple thing to find something beautiful for the table.

Spring Explosion

Acer Japonicum

Daff and Mag