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Potholders Fence

If you remember a month or so back I posted about a batch of potholders that I made for the Potholder Swap 2010. Two days ago the most wonderful package arrived in the mail - five sunny, charming, unique potholders. I can't stop marveling at these beauties.

Bliss in Cotton
They were made by (from top left) Steph, Hollis, Adrian, Cheryl and Lynda. Thank you to all 5 of you. I love each one of them.

I can't even begin to imagine how much work it was to host a swap of this size. There were over 100 packages from all over the world, containing 5 potholders each. The hosts had to organize, sort, package and mail 500 of these crocheted lovelies. Adrian, Maryse, Maritza & Stacie did it all with humor & efficiency. I could not be more thrilled with the potholders that they selected for me. Thanks to our amazing hosts!!!


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Those are fantastic! I wish I could crochet well enough to participate in this swap.

Get out! Those are awesome. Each one of them is crazy beautiful!

Those are completely gorgeous!

amazing! these are beauties!

wow. i am not a fan of crochet but these are adorable! i love how they are all so different but still go well together.

The pointy one is different! I think they're all beautiful!

Wouldn't you have loved to see all 500 of the pot holders before they were organized and sent? I imagine it would be sensory overload!

Oh wow! Those are absolutely beautiful. I want to crochet some bright, funky potholders of my own now!

so glad you enjoyed your experience. thanks for playing!

I think I fell in love...

Oh my goodness these are GORGEOUS! How sweet of them and how fun for you!!!!

Those are such happy potholders! What a great grouping.

So vibrant! Love them!

Those are fantastic. I love all the vivid colors!

hey, i just HAD to leave a comment and say two things:
ONE your knittings are rad, you are so prolific and creative and aesthetically clean all at once! more adjectives? maybe later.
TWO your kids' band is awesome, you should be very proud. Oh, and i'm jealous that i don't have a dress form! life looks sweet :)

Those are all gorgeous! I had wanted to participate, but just didn't have the time.

Love those--wonderful color and texture!

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