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For a Wee One

It is an odd thing when someone who played with your children as a child has a baby of her own. It hits too close to home. I feel years away from this stage and yet here we are. I've known the recipient of these booties since she was three - Anders was a newborn at the time. I am struggling to think of her as a mom.

Booties for Lizzie
Not that I don't relish the opportunity to knit for a baby. Who doesn't love knitting sweet little baby things?

Booties Poms
And not that I don't wish the new parents all the love and joy that my own children have brought me. This is just one of those moments that makes me reflect back on myself. How can I be old enough that SHE is having a baby? Wasn't I just at this stage?

Booties Untied
Maybe it's partly the birthday that I celebrated last week. It seems I just turned 40, yet here I am so very, very close to 50. Sigh. STOP IT Kirsten! Little Miss "It's All About Me". Lizzie is having a baby. It should be all about her.

Pink Booties 1 Green Booties 1

Pattern: Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties

Pink Yarn- Sweetgeorgia Speed Sock in "After Glow" this yarn has been in my stash for years. Does she even still make this?

Green Yarn- Hand dyed by my good friend Justine from Angelfire Studios. She's got one more skein of this in her shop. Tell her I sent you.

Needles: US 1.5/2.5mm

Mods: After seeing the Yarn Harlot's post last week I decided that these had to have pom-poms. Gah! Those pom-poms make them so darn cute! Thank you for the inspiration Stephanie!



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Yes, the pompoms totally make those booties! SO cute!

I hear you and feel exactly the same! I've been knitting for two of Ali's friends who will be mothers -- MOTHERS! they're KIDS!! (weren't they all just playing Barbies & Legos on the back porch???) -- in late summer.

These are downright awesome! So funky! I love that you did a baby-gift in something other than boring pastels! These are amazing.

I know just what you mean. Those booties are adorable!

Oh yes, the pompoms are a perfect addition. So cute!

These are so precious!

These are so sweet! I love the colors.

i'm in the same boat once again! (the first time was when our dad's were diagnosed with alzheimers... dr. g on the needles to process the whole thing... now our best friends babies are having babies... my sweet heather will be the recipient of not only a baby sweater, but these booties as well!

those are adorable, K! i love the pompoms. congrats to lizzie!

all of my friends are having their first and second babies now and it's terrifying to me! too soon!!! :)

These are adorable! That baby bootie pattern is my go-to pattern for booties, and after Yarn Harlot's post I was wondering how they would look with pompoms! Thanks for showing me that pompoms definitely add to the cuteness!

Love the pom poms!

How cute and bright!

Those are precious!

I had one of my composition classes watch "Unforgiven" as an example of a "more contemporary Western" that subverts the classics...only to realize that my students were only one year olds when the movie came out. So much for MY sense of time!!!!

Fabulous Booties! It seems there is a spring bootie phase sweeping through the knitting world! It seems we never stop "growing up", the next phase is always right around the corner... at least with this one you'll have a cute baby (of someone else's) to snuggle!

those pom-poms & that handspun really are complete game-changers-- the booties are beautiful!

now I just have to wait for someone I know to have a baby...

These are so cute!

SOOO cute! I just made my first bootee (other one is waiting to be co) and it was so fun and so quick! I'll have to give this pattern a try :)

Time really flies by, especially the older we get. The booties are so cute! Thank you for the link.

Absolutely adorable!!!

Oh, yeah. Those little pom-poms are just darling! It really is amazing how quickly the time flies. . . especially from the perspective of growing kids!

Those absolutely the cutest!!!

I'm relieved to find someone else in this place.

Those are fantastic! (Stephanie had a good thing going with those pom poms) I know Lizzie will love them :)

So comforting to find women at the same place in their lives. I already had the big 50 - how is it possible? How can my oldest babies be turning 21 and 18 this year!! Thanks for all your wonderful designs and inspiration. I am starting Que Sera this week. Will definitely visit Angel Fire Studio next time I am visiting my parents in Summit.

Ohhh Afterglow, that was one of my favourite colourways... I might love to bring that back.

Beautiful job with these adorable booties! So so cute!

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