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Snow Day Fun

February Flakes
We've had a few good snow storms in these parts over the past few weeks. The kids have been thrilled to have a good bit of time off from school. The most recent storm which ended yesterday left us with 20+ inches.

Not one to waste her free time, artist IJK got to work with the materials at hand. 

If You've Got Some Free Time and a Pile of Snow 

Izzy's Idea of a Good Snow Day Activity

Snow Face

Mouth and Nose


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i could not love this more. i'm kind of sad that it will melt!


Awesome! But I have to say, it sort of hurts just to look at her touching all that snow with her bare hands. :)


this is so cool! eco art!

that girl has talent!

I just found your blog and fell in love. Nice to meet you :)

that is really awesome!!


Wow that is an amazing piece of art! Seems a shame that it will melt.

That's amazing she is so talented :)

Does she know what an amazing talent she has? The impermanence of such a detailed sculpture is very Buddhist- Buddhist monks drew intricate mandalas in the sand even though they knew the drawings would disappear the moment the wind blew. The practice was meant to reinforce the impermanence of life and the importance of not holding on to things in this world.

OMG! I have been inspired! I live in Toronto, and we have also been dealing with more than enough snow. I can't wait to go out tomorrow and make my own little sculpture.

That's amazing! You have such talented kids.

Wow, that snow sculpture is amazing! Your daughter is really talented! Like mother, like daughter :)

Beautiful! She's got a real gift! I'm envious of all the snow. Vancouver Winters are lovely, but I'm a snow lover at heart!

Fantastic artist !!!! I love it.


Amazing - we have a Ron Mueck exhibition on at the gallery here in Melbourne right now, get her to look him up she'll love it.

Wow!...just Wow!

Wow this is fantastic..she is so talented I hope you took pictures to frame...

Super cool sculpture!

Oh how cool! I love snow sculptures. Your daughter is really talented at it!

What a beautiful sculpture. It looks absolutely fantastic.

Greetings from Germany

Looks like a ton of fun - glad you captured the face to share with us :)

that's an amazing snow sculpture. could you guys come over and do that in my yard??

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