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52:7 Suddenly Someone is There at the Turnstile

Last year I enjoyed seeing photos that members of the Crochet Potholder Swap posted on Flickr. I kicked myself repeatedly for not joining the fun - I just didn't have the crochet confidence or the time. A few weeks back I was thrilled to see that Maryse (check out her new Very Braidy Cowl pattern), Adrian, Maritza and Stacie decided to host the swap again this year. I jumped right in and ordered a good bit more yarn than was necessary from Elann. Despite ruminating that I really didn't have the time to participate this year either I got to work. It turns out that crocheting 5 potholders isn't really that large a commitment. I managed to make my five in 3 or 4 days.  Now I'm back to secret, deadline knitting as I obsess about making more potholders.




Potholder Backs 

Potholder Bliss 

Bee Sides 


Pattern: Potholders by Bea Aarebrot (I didn't actually use a pattern - I improvised. But my potholders look just like this pattern.)

Yarn: Elann Sonata (except for the lime green that's Rowan 4 Ply Cotton)

Hooks: I used a 3.5mm for two of them and 3.0mm for the other 3. I think both sizes worked equally well and will probably use the 3.5mm if I make any more. The yarn kept slipping off the 3mm hook.

A note on the swap: If you decide to join in be sure to read the rules. Potholders will be sent back to those who do not follow the rules exactly.


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these are gorgeous! whoever receives your potholders is going to be very lucky :)

They look beautiful! I am glad to read that you are participating. 5 seems like a lot, but they are so quick once you get going.

Hm, I tried to get your potholders and the pattern together. You modified the pattern by making tow inner circles and joining them with the border, right?

Love the beautiful, cheerful colors!

brite and cheerful

What beautiful potholders! I will learn to crochet just for these:)

I love your potholders and want to make some of my own. Did you crochet two circles and then crochet them together? It looks that way since you have front and back. Thank you!

Holy cow, those are cute! Crochet is so awesome for playing with color.

Cute-cute-cute! I've been making some, too! Think I'll check out that swap. . .


There are not many people who can make me wish I crocheted. You and all of the people you linked to in this post are among that very small group. These are so pretty!!! I love your color choices too.

So colourful potholders !!!!!!! I love them.


Those are awesome! I wish I could crochet well enough to be in this swap.

Wow, these came out great!!! I have to get cracking on mine; thanks for the inspirational kick in the ...

I wanted to make the gorgeous potholders, last time, as well. Your potholders are so pretty!

Those are the cutest potholders!

ADORABLE!!! Love the vibrant colors. Thanks for the link!

Love the potholders, your colour choices are so happy!

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