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Sweet Sixteen

Happy Birthday to my sweet, special girls. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful, kind, creative kids. We love you very, very much.



Sisterly Love 

Sweet Girls


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Your girls are beautiful and you can just tell they have something special. Happy birthday to them, and kudos to you for being their mom!

This photo shoot is incredible. Happy birthday to your girls! :)

Happy Birthday to all of you!

How sweet! Happy birthday to them and you!

Happy Sweet Sixteen to the TTL Twins!!! - and to their mother! Best wishes for a special day.

- annri

Happy Birthday girls! Lovely pics.


so beautiful!
happy birthday girls! and to you mom!

Happy Birthday to the TTL Twin Modeling Team!

Happy Birthday girls!!! Congratulations to Mom and Dad for raising such interesting and beautiful kids. :)

Happy birthday! What an excellent sense of style apparent in both girls. Any knits wrapped up as birthday gifts?

such beautiful girls! congratulations to them and to you, their mother.
best wishes from Iceland

Sweet sixteen is even sweeter with 2 birthday girls! Happy Birthday to both of them!

so lovely. their differences are such sweet complements to each other. happy birthday to your girls! i wish you guys many more years of art-making, music-making, singing, dancing, loving, and laughing.

Happy Birthday to them!

Happy Sweet 16 to your girls!! Beautiful!!

Super Sweet! Happy Birthday, Girls!!

happy birthday to your beautiful daughters! should i bet getting off the roads now that they're old enough to get their licenses? ;)

Happy birthday to your girls!

Happy birthday! Eat lots of cake!

what wonderful girls - how blessed you are! enjoy them - it is such a marvelous time - and they are with us for such a short time... my girl is 24 - how I miss her

Happy birthday to your girls! They look straight out of a Sherlock Holmes & Little Girls story.

Maybe during a visit home someday I'll run into you gals at Angelfire :)

Happy Happy Birthday to both.

What lovely, fun girls! You are so blessed, well - and so are they:)

They're so big! I remember that snowy January when I came up to help out and they were so tiny, and we had to put food coloring on their feet to tell them apart. They are such individuals now! Brilliant, talented, and all around wonderful :) I'm so proud to be their aunt.

I already said something on the flickr photo but looking at these photos I just have to say that they make me feel so warm and happy and excited for my kids teen years!

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