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I've got a couple of patterns in the new (winter) issue of Knit Simple. Note that the photos below are from the magazine. I sent them off to the magazine too quickly to photograph them myself.

Sideways Cables
Buttoned Mitts

These mitts are worked sideways in worsted weight yarn. They knit up very quickly - you could make two pairs in a weekend - and are great for stash busting.

Ruffled Wristers

Ruffled Wristers

Another very quick, stash busting project the ruffled wristers are worked in DK weight yarn. They can be worn with the ruffle toward the hand or flipped around with the ruffle on the top.

The official release date for the issue is 1/26, but I've heard from a few people that they've already seen it available at their LYS. Any who subscribe should have it already.



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I bought it at a Philly area Barnes and Noble yesterday.

They are both lovely and congratulations on being in print!

Gorgeous! Congrats :)

Not sure if it's just my computer but your pictures on your post are the negative images.

I am seeing the negative images on my computer too. If I click on the pictures, the second photo enlarges in normal color. The ruffle edge is wonderful. I will keep them in mind for my stash busting!

i bought it yesterday! As soon as I flipped and saw your name next to a pattern, I snagged it!

I LOVE the mustard colored ones. Brilliant! And those buttons make the PERFECT accent!

I like the button-up ones, and that ochre color is one of my favorites right now. I'm inspired to bust some of my own stash of ochre-colored yarn!

Nice!! Glad to see your plan for worldwide pattern domination is in phase two...:)

They both look like a lot of fun to knit! Congratulations! My sixteen year old just started knitting Genmaicha. It will be her first attempt at cabling and reading a chart. Knowing how well your patterns are written, they were a must for her.

Very cute, both of them.

I love those colors! so perfect for spring, which is nice to think about on such a grey day like today. sigh.

Spotted your name right away..congrats! I love the patterns

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