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Help For Haiti

Help For Haiti Patterns, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

In an effort to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti a special pattern category has been created on Ravelry. Designers who are donating money from pattern sales are adding these patterns to "Help for Haiti"  to make it easy for knitters and crocheters to find them. As I write this post almost 800 patterns are tagged "Help for Haiti". There are patterns from many very talented designers to be found there. (ETA: I just realized that you can filter "Help for Haiti" patterns by "in my queue" - love that feature!)

I've added four patterns to Ravelry's "Help for Haiti"; Dorothea, Clematis, Althea and Narragansett. From January 16 thru February 15 I will be donating 75% of the sales from each of these patterns to Doctors Without Borders for their relief efforts in Haiti.

I hope you'll take the time to browse through all of the patterns in "Help for Haiti".


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I think this is very generous of the designers to make this gesture! I think it's also a win-win situation because I'm sure a lot of people will want to encourage this initiative and will discover awesome patterns! And everyone feels good about donating!

Thank you so much for adding your patterns to the mix--such a great idea, and as you know I've already nabbed Althea;)

Heading over to Ravelry to take a look! Thank you for your generosity. :-)

I'm so looking forward to being back in the swing of things, able to go through your lovely blog and back on to Ravelry after all this time.

Thank you so much for your warm welcome back message. It was so, so sweet of you!

I've been giving pretty much all I can, mostly to the Harlot's KSF, but I really admire that so many desigers are doing this. I'll head on over and see if I can't support the effort in some small way.
I so wish I could just go there and scoop up an armload of kids and bring them home till things get better. I don't want to steal them, just shelter them for a while. Meanwhile, I guess I'll just donate and pray. And buy a pattern or two. Or three. 'Cause, you know, knitters never to overboard on anything.

Great idea!

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