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There were many things I should have been doing this morning, pattern writing, working on new designs, answering emails, laundry, working out, etc, etc. Fringing a scarf was pretty far down the list. But fringe I did, and I loved every minute of it. I started this scarf back in October. It has been my knit-on-the-go ever since. I've worked on this project in the car (not while driving), on the train, on the subway, at the dentist, in coffee shops, in the recording studio, at various music venues, at the bank drive through window, pretty much anywhere that wasn't home.  With the knitting complete last night all that was left was the fringe. Can you blame me for ignoring my responsibilities to tie a few knots?

Ulmus With Fringe 3 

I love fringe. There is something about the swish, swish when you walk and the way you can toss those ends around as you dance. I especially love the look of knotted fringe. As I knit my first Ulmus Rectangle I decided I had to make one with fringe too. I even added instructions for fringing when I wrote the pattern just in case anyone else felt the same way.

Ulmus With Fringe 5

Ulmus With Fringe 4 

Ulmus with Fringe (on Ravelry)

Pattern: Ulmus Rectangle

Yarn: Socks That Rock

Colorways: Body: Lemongrass (STR Mediumweight) & Ruby Slippers (STR Lightweight) Fringe: Mossay (STR Lightweight)

Needles: US 5/3.75mm

Finished Measurements: 10 x 80" including the fringe

Notes: Instructions for adding fringe to the Ulmus Rectangle are included in the pattern. I mixed STR Light & Mediumweight for the body, it didn't make a bit of difference.


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I love fringe, too, but whenever I fringe something it winds up a tangled mess!

Bad girl! But I totally understand ;-) It is the first time I notice some knotted fringe! Spectacular!

fringe-tabulous! that result could account for many days of any other productivity in my book! utterly gorgeous, kirsten!

happy new year!

Totally gorgeous! I'm not one for fringes, but I love this one!

i LOVE the fringe. especially knotted fringe. *swoon*!

Wow, I love the fringe too!

Glorious shades of macrame past! I love it. I did a similar knotted fringe on a bedspread I made my mom about 25 years ago, with two rows of knotting, rather than three. Love it!

Gorgeous! Never thought of doing fringe like that!

beatuiful!!! love the fringe and please I am Queen I-should-be-doing-that-but-am-doing-this-instead. :-) hee! love it.

Love the fringe! Looks so Bohemian! FUN.

Fringe-tastic! And don't even try to pretend you didn't fringe just a *little* behind the wheel;) I think we know you a little better than that.

Beautiful! and OH that FRINGE!!!

WoW! This is so gorgeous! The fringe absolutely makes the scarf move!

The colors! The fringe! The absolutely marvelous beauty of the thing! I am very impressed.

Oooh...I love me some knotted fringe! It looks perfect with this scarf!

Oh, that looks so lovely!

i love fringe! my aunt who taught me how to knit made a glorious afghan with detailed fringe and i'm hoping to inherit it someday as neither one of her daughters are crafty and wouldn't appreciate it as much as me!


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