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Andrea's Mitts & Andrea's Shawl

Andean Shawl

Andrea's Mitts 1

I cast on knowing only that I wanted to make a pair of mitts. This is how I often work. I like to get the yarn and needles into my hands and let the yarn dictate which direction we will go. I'd been playing around with lacy garter stitch borders recently - I love the texture they create - so I started there. The mitts quickly grew into a lace cuff, then stripes for the hand, followed by a bit more lace and finally a picot edging at the top. It wasn't long after I'd finished the mitts when it occurred to me that a matching shawl was in order. Once I'd blocked that shawl I really fell in love with the set. (Blocking is a beautiful thing.)

A Shawl Close

The garter stitch lace borders I've used for these patterns are knit sideways across very few stitches. Once the desired length is achieved stitches are picked up and the rest of the item is worked all in one piece - the mitts from the cuff up, the shawl from the bottom edge up. The mitts and smallest size shawl are really very quick knits.

Andrea's Mitts 6 

I managed to squeeze in time to make two more pairs of mitts. One pair, as seen above, was a gift for my niece using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. (More details on those on Ravelry.) The other pair were a sample I made in the M/L size using a combination Hot Rod Heather and Tidepool Heather Andean Treasure. (Details on Ravelry)

Andrea's Mitts 

At the very last minute, after being stumped about what to get for my SIL for Christmas, I managed to crank out a solid colored Andrea's Shawl in two days. For this shawl I used Knit Picks Gloss Sock in Woodland Sage that had been in my stash for a year or two. I worked the smallest size shawl on a larger than called for needle, a US 8. The resulting size was just right for my tall SIL. (Modeled here by our "in house" model, SKK who is 5'5".) Sorry I was never able to get final measurements on the solid colored shawl, there was no time, the shawl being a last minute gift and all. (For more photos and details see Raverly.)

Lizzie's Shawl 4 

The patterns are also available as Ravelry Downloads - Andrea's Shawl, Andrea's Mitts.

Andrea's Shawl

Price $6.00

Andrea's Mitts

Price $6.00

Andrea's Shawl and Mitts ebook

Price $9.00


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and they have MY name!!! that makes me love them even more then I word normally ;)

I'm using that Woodland Sage for a sweater right now and I can't get over how beautiful a color it is! I love how the stripes and lace work together in your patterns. So pretty!

goregous, beautiful job! You are so inspirational girl! :-)

Just beautiful! I have bought bouth pattern and hopefully I will have them ready soon - this weekend they say it will be minus 35 degrees celsius her in east of Norway!

these are gorgeous-- i LOVE the pairing of lace & stripes. so counterintuitive, but so pretty! a stroke of genius!

Excellent new patterns. I especially like the mitts.

Lovely! You're knocking them out of the park! :-)

Gorgeous patterns. I really like the combination of the quirky stripes with the lovely lace.

Beautiful! These have just become my latest wishlist item!

I never fail to be amazed at how clever you are! The green/ blue colourway is particularly gorgeous - I'm off to buy those patterns now :)

Gorgeous! I have skein in my stash that would make a lovely shawl for me... adding it to my "to do" list!!!!!

I love how you mix colours and textures. I get so inspired everytime I see your site. thanks!

Tidepool heather is one of my favorites. What stunning designs!

They're gorgeous! I love those mitts so much. Stripey goodness, for sure.

wow, they're gorgeous! you are a designing machine! i can't wait to see what you come up with in 2010.

Such an inspiration..all very lovely!


Cranked out a shawl in two days... honey, I can't crank out a stockinette hat in two days. Trust me, I'm hatless in Washington D.C. right now.... beautiful patterns, as always.

I love those mitts!!

They are gorgeous!

Just fabulous! I love the mitts!

sublimes tricots de la forme aux couleurs, j'aime énormément bien que je sois débutante
Tine, de Paris

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