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W H Snow 3

Wood Hollow in the Snow 

W H Snow 2 

I had two skeins of yarn left over from my Wood Hollow Vest so I made a matching hat and pair of mittens. The last stitch was perfectly timed for a quick photo shoot as the snow started to come down today.

I'm now obsessed with pompom makers. I want one in every size.

Wood Hollow Hat and Mittens

Yarn: Cascade 220

Needles: Hat - US 6, Mittens - US 5

Pattern: Currently with test knitters

More details on Ravelry - Mittens Hat 


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Beautiful hat and mittens! Love the pictures with the snow just starting to fall. Magical!

These are great pictures and great creations!

What an excellent photo shoot! The snow is just perfect for setting off another great pattern collection.

Is that real snow? The photos look just perfect.

Gorgeous....can't wait for the pattern to be released......and a beautiful photo shoot....

Very pretty!

I love every single thing about this set, right down to the color. Your kids are lucky to receive so many hand-knits (and you are lucky they are ready and willing to wear them)! Also: I hope the test knitters go fast. It is 12 degrees here and that doesn't take into account the 40 mph wind gusts!

i love the set, kirsten. the snow really makes the photo shoot so much more awesome, doesn't it ? :)

Wow! Those are stunning photos. The snow is perfect, and the model gets more beautiful with each passing day.

Beautiful set. I'm not a big green fan but this yarn could make me change my mind.

Great pics! The snow is perfect, and LOVE the pom pom!

What a great photo shoot!! LOVE the set as well. I am looking forward to the pattern! It's hard to believe that I knit every single day yet I do not have one hat/mitten set for myself!

Wah! Snow for a beautiful set - how perfect!! :) I love these, and the vest, they are beautiful, classic pieces.

*gorgeous* cables! Made nicer by your great photography. Looking forward to the pattern!

"With test knitters..." - glad the set is this far along! Beautiful! Now to wait for the vest and these!!!!

Beautiful pattern! Beautiful photos!

I really love those mittens. They remind me of ones my nana used to knit. And the photo shoot is fantastic.

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