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Feeling Puckish

Once they saw Pamela Wynne's whimsical Elf Shoes pattern, each of my kids begged for a pair. I love this pattern! It's quick, fun, a great stash buster and the recipients are always thrilled.

Elf Shoes 6

IJK's Elf Shoes - Women's Size 10

Anders's Elf Shoes 2

The Lad's Elf Shoes - Men's Size 11 (Graciously Modeled by SKK while he was at work.)

Sofie's Elf Shoes

SKK's Elf Shoes - Women's Size 10

Each pair only took two days, despite the rather amply sized feet that I was knitting for. I went stash diving for the yarn. It's amazing how much Cascade 220 I own in "elfish" colors. There's enough left for another pair or two. If I hadn't decided to cast on a last minute Christmas shawl for my SIL yesterday I'd make myself a pair.

Happy Holidays one and all!!!!


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those are so cute! the kiddos are lucky :) your girls already wear size 10 shoes? they are going to get even taller!

I love them all! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

So very charming! I wish I would've discovered this pattern sooner. . . but there's always next year! :-)

Fun! They look comfy too.

They are lovely and oh so whimsical! :)

Sweet feet! Very appropriate for Christmas.

Adorable!!! I wish there was more time....and I wish I had a top loader to felt in....we'll see how crazy I am on Dec. 23, I just might try to make a pair. thanks for the inspiration.

Oh. My.
Those elf-feet are just so amazing.
I immediately have to go and knit myself and everyone else a pair. Good thing christmas-break is coming up...
Good thing I have a lot of Cascade 220 as well ;)

Have a great Christmas, Kirsten

Christmas greetings from Denmark
Frau Putz

(... and my first name happens to be Kirsten, too...)

Those elf boots are possibly the cutest things I have seen this season. I already had them in the queue!

Happy holidays to you and your family! :)

Absolutely adorable!

Really cute!
Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and your elves!

Adorably cute boots..Your children are such beautiful models..and your blog is great..love your beautiful work!

These are so stinking fun! I love them all! Thanks for sharing!

I really need to make some of those for everyone next year!

How adorable, I want a pair next!

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