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Old, Old WIPs

Thanks to the inspiring folks who are participating in Vestvember I pulled out a very old WIP and finished it. Today was a good day to finish this vest since it also happens to be green day in Color Week.

Verdent Vest 

I've named this vest "Wood Hollow" after the street I grew up on. Our house on Wood Hollow Road was a very special place. It was filled with the warm smells of my mother's wonderful cooking, the sounds of my father's beloved classical music, beautiful family antiques, pots of my parents germinating hybrids (rhododendrons and daylilies), orchids & clivia in full bloom, my mothers quilts, cats and of course friends and family. Outside the house was surrounded by beautiful gardens. Whenever I went to visit, I would arrive to find both of my parents working in the garden. Inside there was often an apple pie waiting. This cozy green vest would fit right in on Wood Hollow Road.

Wood Hollow Vest 

I'm in the process of writing the pattern. I can't say how long it will take before it is ready for publication. But hopefully not too long.

Wood Hollow Vest 4 

The yarn is Cascade 220 worked on US 5 & 6 needles.

More details and photos on Ravelry.


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I LOVE this!

ooooh SO pretty! I love your photography.

i guess they get a lot of practice as models, but i love how proud & sassy your daughters always are in the photos-- it's nice to see young girls with such confidence, so unafraid of the camera. nice vest, too!

Gorgeous vest, yum colour too. I will definitely keep an eye out for this pattern when it hits Ravelry.

Love it! Particularly the neckline. Love the name too :) It definitely fits.

WOW! Spectacular.

Ooooh pretty! Let me know if you need a test knitter!

Your Rav. link is not working-- will this pattern be in the round or pieced?

Reading the title then seeing the photo made me think that she's not that old a WIP. *L*

Beautiful vest and daughter.

Oh, I love it! It's like you reached into my head & came up with the perfect vest. Can't wait to see the pattern.

I love your sweater and the green is perfect. One day I'll make an aran sweater.

Ok, I will basically pay you A MILLION DOLLARS for that vest pattern because that is some serious sweetness you got going on there!

I love it!!!

I am definitely going to have to knit one for myself (whenever you get done with the pattern, of course) :) I just love all the luscious greens!!!

Love it! Perhaps for the more conventional Vestuary...

The vest is fabulous and I love how you connected it to the memories of your childhood home.

Wow! What a great vest. The neckline is just perfect, esp. on your girl. I love garments that are at the same time very traditional, and very hip (although I guess your daughter would be a better hipness judge than I). I want your door color.

Gorgeous vest and gorgeous photos!

Another winner! My fingers are itching to cast this one on...I can see my sister in it.

So glad there will be a pattern for this. I love it with all the cables. Simply gorgeous vest!

that vest is gorgeous! i really love the neckline. also, it's the perfect color for color week on flickr! YAY!

Absolutely gorgeous!

nice blog,in your knitting......

What a nice vest! Your daughters have this modeling thing down, don't they! So pretty. I love the name of the vest, and the memories the name evoked.

I love it and the colour is gorgeous, I am definately feeling a green thing going on at the moment!

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