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When I Was Her Age I Earned My Money Babysitting

A number of months ago we were approached to have Sofie work on a soundtrack that will accompany a book to be released next June. This project has been an amazing experience for her. Through it she has worked as a professional with experienced sound engineers, music directors and a number of talented musicians. The kids' band, Blame the Patient was also asked to write a few original songs for the soundtrack, the first of which is featured in the video. The promotional video below gives a glimpse of the project.


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wild so very cool- I will pass this info on to your teen librarian so she can be sure to get the book and CD when they come out!

Wow! This is so cool. Congrats to Sofie and Blame the Patient!

Awesome! It sounds like a great book (and cd)!

oh my gosh, kirsten! this is so amazing and the promo video is great. Sofie speaks so well about her craft. She, and Blame the Patient, are totally inspiring and amazingly talented.

That is so incredibly awesome. You must be a very proud mama.

this is so cool and exciting! now I'm going to have surrender in my head all day

Congrats to Sofie! It sounds like a fantastic project. Loved the video.

That is so cool! What a great opportunity for them!

What a fabulous experience for Sophie. Congratulations to her and Blame the Patient. The whole book-music union is such a cool project.

How awesome is Sofie???!!!! So exciting for you as a parent :)

That is awesome :) Just think what stories she will have to tell to her kids *grin*.

That's awesome! You must be very proud and rightly so!

Wow--such an incredible experience for Sophie! Your kids are simply amazing!

Wow! That is fantastic! I bet you are SUPER proud of her!!

Kirsten, thanks for sharing - this is such a cool project! And what an incredible opportunity. She'll go far.

That is so. rad. Seriously. She is so confident and beautiful in the video. +Chelsea

That is so cool!

What an incredible experience! Congratulations to your daughter and her bandmates. Wish I had been that cool at 15 (or now)!

That is SO awesome! Watch out world, here comes Sofie. Living proof that children who have handknits to wear do better in life :)

What an incredibly talented daughter you have, congrats to both of you!

Those Kapurlets never cease to blow my mind...

When I first read and listened to it earlier I was so impressed with what a cool project and how talented your daughter is.

So much talent in one family! Congratulations! That is so cool!

That is fantastic! Your kids are immensely talented!

I love this! Very inspiring and I'll be sharing it with my class today. So cool!

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