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The final clue is up!

You will find it here.


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Am I the only one up in the midwest waiting for this clue? I am busy volunteering this week in the kindergarten room, halloween party tomorrow for preschool, a lot of appointments, football, hockey, piano, etc. I have to get the final clue and do something for ME! Have a great day finishing the toes everyone. Thanks again Kirsten!

Thank you for another awesome pattern. Oh, and I shared your daughter's video with my class of twelve year old gifted kids. The conversation it inspired was magnificent.

I am unable to access the final clue. The message I am receiving is that the file is damaged. I was able to receive all the other clues....anyone else having this problem?

I,m also having this problem. I tried a few different computers to make sure that it wasn't just me. Hopefully Ms. Kristen will be able to fix it soon. I'm almost done with my foot and want to see what the toe shaping looks like. Thanks again for the opportunity and such a great pattern.

I don't know why it's not working for some people. I've checked it and there's nothing wrong with the file. It is working for most people, and on all of the computers I've tried.

I've uploaded the pattern to Ravelry now so maybe you'll have more luck there.

Got it through Ravelry.....Thank you so much Kirsten.....I am having soo much fun.

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